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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sew Delicious Sweet Pouch Swap RECIVED!!!

Well hello there package!!

.. I squealed over while my husband was dangling it from the outside of our car.... He knows ive been wining over others getting theirs in the mail and well, I was envious.

So, when I got this package in the mail..I was so excited I wanted to savor the moment of reciving a package from New Zealand but, I had to carefully tore it on open!!

I squealed with excitment again..

The packaging is too cute..I am a sucker for cute packaging...

The plastic envelope smelt like chocolate..I got a little bit more excited...

The fabric choices you used Fiona are so devine! and YES! you nailed it! So, girly!

The colors are two of my favs and the size of the pouch- perfect for my projects I want to take on the road with me!! ( I take projects to work with me for my lunch break boardem) 

And the sweets!!!!!!!

I couldn't resisit consuming the Marshmallow,chocolate covered fish..and when I bit into it I expected white not reddish pink! DELISH!

Juicy fruit is actually one of my favorite chewing gum's and look what I got..but..they are different from the USA! They are little pellets we have sticks here..

and the other sweet treats....

And the wicked cute ribbon!!!! The little houses are my fav!
and this hand/nail cream........ HEAVENLY!!
 The paper pad couldn't come at a better time I was just thinking I needed to purchase one to keep a list going on the fridge of items I needed from the grocery store!
And this little (rather large 11lb) rabbit kept hearing the crinkling sound of the wrappers as i was unpacking my goodies and she became very excited at one point ripping a package out of my hand! Naughty rabbit!!

Thank you so much Fiona it is the sweetest pouch and so thoughtful!! I will cherish it for many years to come!


  1. Looks like it was definately worth the wait..It look Beautiful!! This has been such fun I signed up for two other swaps and will sign up if Ros has another one..
    xx Kim

    1. I had been loosing patience :) I was VERY eager! I will deff. sign up again also! It was A LOT of fun!