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Sunday, February 24, 2013

So, They didn't have, I got Pink Rose...KitchenAid Bliss!

For a young woman of 20 somthing..I haven't wanted a KitchenAid Mixer for YEARS! Before all these colors became so popular....
...........................................................................................^^^ That is Pear (color)

So, I dragged my closest brother to Macy's with me and bought one...............I wanted the "Pear" color but they would have had to order it and well, I didn't have patients. I told myself last year..2 years ago "Next year (2012, then 2013) I will buy myself a KitchenAid Mixer..." So here she is!

..........the last Pink one they had. A 350watt Artisan Mixer..After swiping my debit card and thinking to myself "is this really happening?" then entering my pin number thinking that it would say "declined husband changed his mind"... A receipt was handed to me and I was walking out of Macy's with im sure the proudest look on my I approached the exit door swining my 22lb mixer a lady and her husband (assuming) walked threw he said "oh look honey, she just bought your blender" she corrected him and said "Mixer, not blender" ha! the same thing I tell my husband!! "its not a blender Nick! its a MIXER!" in a snarky voice.... without holding the door for me (rude ;-) I asked Dustin to please open the door as if I was now Royalty with this thing. So, he did..I walked out into the sunshine with a happy face and thinking "oh crap,someone is totally going to mug me!" (yes, for my mixer!) As we approached my car and I delicately sat the box in the back of my car...I hopped in the drivers seat and said "so, what should I make?" Dustin replied "Cinnamon Rolls".... that's the first thing my dad ever made with his....that is why he bought one actually... except his was black. and a smaller model (ha! 1uped!) I replied "Oh gosh! im so sick of baking breads!!! I want to make something else!" he said "I don't know" knowing that whatever I make he will try to nab so really, didn't matter what I made..

This pup can mix 4 loafs of bread and endless batters and other goodies... it is a 5qt .. And I saved $150 buckaroos! Regularly $499.99 ....Making this a sweeter deal. Not to mention the $30 Mail in Rebate (sucky but,hey!?) $319 is my final cost.
I thought really hard what I wanted to make in my first KitchenAid mixer..because im sentimental and wanted it to be "special" so, I went with one of my awesome cheesecakes!

Overnight Lemon Essence Cheesecake
 Zester,Mixing bowl or stand mixer,sharp knife,cutting board, Citrus press,spatula,Pie pan- 8 or 9 inch.


                                         2 Lemons zested

1/2 of a squeezed lemon
1 vanilla bean (scrape) OR 1 tbs of REAL vanilla extract (The knock off stuff isn't good in this recipe!)
3 tbs flour
1 cup sugar
2 whole eggs
1 egg yolk
4-Philidalphia cream cheese "bricks" is what I call them (standard size)
1-frozen OR box of pie crusts (from the refrigerated section of your grocery store) You could even use grham cracker crust-its up to you.

Soften cream cheese at room temp for about 1 hour
Let rolled pie crust (1 sheet) warm to room temp 20-30 mins.

Vanilla Bean smear..heavenly! Lemon zest goodness
Vanilla Beans in a Sterilized Mason Jar
Scraping the "Guts" of a vanilla bean

In a large mixing bowl:

Add 4 cream cheese "bricks", zest of 2 lemons,  vanilla bean innards (or extract), 3 tbs of flour, 2 whole eggs, and 1 egg yolk into bowl and mix until SMOOTH. When I used my mixer it became fluffy and light! something I have not experienced yet! If you are doing this by hand (Go you!) it may be a little lumpy-thats okay. Or have a strong husband or boyfriend mix that bowl for you!


Unroll pie crust slowly! Follow the directions on the box for best results. Make sure to add SMALL holes to the bottom of the crust so it does not "puff" up and make your cheesecake all kaddywhompus.


Fill your RAW pie crust (or ghram or previously frozen-your choice) with the contents of your mixing bowl.
Smooth over with a spatula.
I added a little lemon zest to the top for pretty garnish.

I just "throw" my crust into the pan and fold over the edges a little.. nothing to fancy...this wont last long after its finished baking and setting......


Bake at 325*F for 1 hour or UNTIL the cheesecake cracks in the center and is golden brown.

Let sit on the counter until cooled completely THEN set in the fridge overnight so it sets up completely.

There is a special place in my heart for everything Vanilla...
This is what your cheesecake should look similar to if you use an 8 inch pie pan.
You see that Crack? its a nice crack..that is what you are looking for! And the edges are golden. The cheesecake will be "jiggly" when coming out of the oven-that is normal.

The next thing I will sew is a cover for my mixer-so silly aren't I???

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