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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beach or bust! So, its 8pm and your headed 120 miles West? Yeah..we roll dirty!

My husband I decided on a whim that it was necessary to go to The Oregon Coast after I got off work on Sunday night! (7pm) so, we did!
My husband and I have an almost tradition of going to the beach after we get our taxes and spending a little bit too much money...we both are very frugal with what we buy and how we spend so...The 24 hours we were at the coast..we lived like a King and Queen.

We got to the coast at roughly 10Pm on Saturday and stayed in Lincoln City,Oregon at Americas Best Inn and Suits. We reserved a Queen bedroom and quickly got comfortable and passed out in deep sleep at roughly 11pm. -we party hard huh?

The next morning we ate breakfast at the Inn..a Good! Continental!

The morning was GORGEOUS!!! We had read the weather report on Saturday and it looked promising..we woke up to blue skys and not a cloud near by.... That is PURE luck on the Oregon Coast!
 I had a bowl of Cheerios and bagel with cream cheese. We didn't eat supper the night before so we felt REALLY REALLY hungry.. Nicholas (my hubbs) really wanted to go eat at a Restaurant called Lil' Sambo's so..we went husband says I have little sausage link fingers..I get it now... they are cute and chubby. And here he is...trying to dress like always sporting his Portland Winterhawks Hoodie... :/

Coffee holds a special place in my heart..see that little white spot among the bubbles? Half and Half..that is sexy..for being a coffee and all...And there Coffee in this join..pretty darn good! I drank nearly the whole Karafe.

Okay so this picture... This is Lions fundraising mint stand... These stands can be found at a lot of "Mom and Pop" resturants and other gigs and I haven't seen one for YEARS! When I lived in Woodland,Washington The Oak Tree Resturant had these on there counters, I remember them being cheaper but, for the reminising times..I bought 6 rolls. 3 of Fruits and 3 of Wintergreen... Still chalky and hard as heck just like I remember!

These are still in my car..I ate maybe 1/4 a roll then decided it was best just to eat one now and then....In fear of breaking a tooth!
After a small breakfast- I had 2 eggs and hashbrowns with my coffee as my husband had biscuits and gravy and water (Prison food?) we headed south on 101 towards Newport.... Though we stopped to soak in the moment of where we were and see the largest lake around..The Ocean... The sky is so blue I was just in heaven.

Oh,those waves are like the beats to my heart......................................................................

And this slough going into the ocean... is "The Worlds Smallest River The D River"...

My husband the Nutcase... I wanted to take a candid shot of him looking into the ocean and ...I get this..

This would be Sealtz Bay/Cove if I remember any case.. Tide was out and it was lovely..

We carried on down the coast line. Talking about random things "Where should we be in 5 years.." those kind of things. We chatted the whole drive with the exception of maybe 30 minutes on the way to the coast on Sunday night and all Saturday. This is like our "Bonding" all over again weekend we get once a year..Even thought it was once night of fun away from home and all the BS...

We stopped in Newport at our favorite Antique Mall-The name I always forget... we always find good stuff!
This quilt is hand pieced and who knows how many hexis! It said Vintage but..I donno.. It was $75 and the edges were unfinished.
I am always searching for Vintage Pyrex..I collect them there woodland prints on the 3rd shelf..Have all of them I can proudly say! $33 for that whole set! That is a good deal!

Okay seriously..Kind of beating myself up over not buying this but the circumstances now, im glad I did not. It was $95.00 and too freaking cool for its own good. This thing is a 1 seater, side table attached, light attached queens wicked cool is this?! if it would still be in this shop the next time we go.. I will give them my kindney for it.
And here is my spazz with "My Buddy" Doll.. it brought back a lot of memories for him but,his had blonde hair (my husband is a natural blonde, don't judge his red beard ;-) It was $9.00! That I guess, is super duper cheap for what it is I guess ?? He kept asking me if we could go back and get it. But,it was such a novelty "thing" I said "no"... "Mamma says NO!" ... so,we didnt.
Yulp...and this is why I came to the beach ;-) For the South Beach Fishery ... yeah...I LOVE seafood and this all places... Salmon candy, Shrimp Coctail..and I always get my brother clams (if he isn't with us, if he is I buy them for his lunch) Dustin wasn't with us this trip so, I took some home for him... when we reached Portland Monday night we called him to say "Get the water boiling! were almost home!" he said "okay,i'll get right on that!" he never is so prompt.. ;-)

Clams on Ice

 And of course, I had to have my lunch at the South Beach Fishery. I had my Salmon Candy and my Shrimp Cocktail! Too die for.........................My husband jokes "this is the only reason we came here huh?" Nope ;-)

After we left the fish market we headed back up North on 101 to go back threw Lincoln city and stopped at the Outlets. My husband bought a Lakers T-shirt and I bought a cardigan and a tank from Lane Bryant. All there tops were 50% off and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a new top and cardi.
We stopped at a few other antique shops along 101 and found some too cool to pass up goods...
I am a coffee pheen... and this bag is made from a post consumer coffee bean bag, handmade which I am a sucker for too, I support my fellow handmade artists! and the proceeds went to a great cause. Found this at a Coffee shop when I was in dire need at about 11Am for a nice Americano.

We stopped at an antique mall at Cutler City,Oregon which really was no where but outside of Lincoln City.. These are extreamly old Medicine bottles with most still full or have contents. All kinds of really neat things.. can you spot my husband???
Yes, that is an Embalming kit..kind of morbid but really interesting.

I came across TONS of Granite ware. Totally cool. Totally overpriced.
I am a major sucker for vintage storage and this was really nifty but well worn and rusting on the inside. Not too safe for dry good storage.
My husband kept pointing out all the wash boards and rollers.. this one was pretty neat.
He looks terrified of the childs iron..

 These were adorable. Reproductions- im an authentic girl myself but,too adorable.

Heres my sewing room in miniature form ;-) Adorable is it not?

If we had counter space this would have been mine.

 McDonalds counter tine. Used to store crackers and cookies it said.

Pretty adorable kitchen figures. These would look adorable in a retro kitchen.
Yes nick, that is a gaggle of wash boards.

I adored all of the vintage handmade- clearly handmade- quilts. All of course were outrageously priced but, if I was a Desperate Housewife I would have purchased at least 3 of them..And...............................
All of the rolling pins. Seriously...If I was a collector I would have hit the jackpot. There was TONS of rolling pins all kinds, Aluminum, steel, iron, wood and of course marble.
If this was not $24 and had the lid...maybe it had a chance coming home with me..........
A children's tin oven how adorable..

Pretty pretty bowls......

My husband found these Mini books...yulp, these are adorable. From her cooking show ...
I LOVE yellow lately!!!! How freaking neat..yellow pyrex..LOVE

And then there was this..............I just about peed myself...a second edition .....
I had wanted to leave the Antique mall because after over an hour of walking around I thought I had seen everything. We went down one last isle..again and my husband said "lets look threw the books" so, I did. I am short 5' husband is 6'5 this was on the top shelf...I saw the binding, recognized the print on the cover and had my husband grab it down for me.... I didn't care the price tag even though my bank account did... but then I read.. $15 and just about peed myself. I said "yes, you are coming home with me"...

We headed up to Chinook Winds Casion after leaving the antique mall and we put in a few bucks. Won nothing but, a buck is a buck.
Then we headed back into town to look for some grub. We settled on Pier 101..
I had to have fish and chips before we left town. I had Salmon........heavinly..and clam chowder..these are the chips..
We left the coast at 7 pm..........Got home at 930pmish....
We had a blast and didn't want to leave like we always don't want to...
This is my most prized possession from the weekend.
Hubby bought me a very small Ball Ideal wire jar..wicked cool I do think so...

I adore this aluminum stuff......

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