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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A crafters space should fit the crafter..right?

its another one of those blogs...about my craft corner that has been transformed into a shabby,cottage like, colorful but not color

My Amoire's knobs have been updated from covered with fabric and cutesy.
The knobs/pulls were "outdated" and really-not my style. The cost of the Amour was so cheap and I didn't want to invest in spendy fancy knobs that I really,really liked off Etsy.. So, I got this idea to layer two sheets of batting (scraps) over the nobs face and wait for them to dry. I used quick drying,very tacky, craft glue. It dries clear and it dries quickly. The odor so SO strong! but, the outcome of the cheap to revamp nobs is worth the little high.
This is the result of the the finished product! I used a grey,cream,yellow floral print. Super easy to do!
All you need is fabric scraps, craft glue, scissors,scrap batting and of course your nobs. Cut two small layers of batting glue the one touching the nob only. Then use a scrap of fabric, fasten the first fold of fabric over the nob then twist the fabric around like your folding pie crust (I really hope that makes sence!). Continue folding the fabric over until you get to the last bit then fasten it down with glue. Hold for a second until it sticks and there you are! it was not easy taking photos with glue all over my fingers. Then let them dry.

Okay, so my craft corner is a bit of a mess still- its been a long process and I have been busy working both jobs along with trying to keep up with my latest TV programming ;-)

My main workstation. I watch the birds and the squirrls play in the tree outside my window. Too sweet! I have a few favorite squirrls one of which has came into our apartment one summer.. His name is Chester.
The lacy curtains are vintage and I purchased the lace that WAS a tableloth that I cut into two to create my shabby little curtains. $1.00 back 4 years ago-cut-fine by me. I flipped a basket over to put my tin pots on to lift them up off the desk so I can get to them when my laptop is sitting on that black platform.

This is my favorite corner in my craft corner! All of these items in this corner I use every time im crafting.
My pretty little knobs I finished for my Amoire SO much better than the ugly brass!
Nic nac stuff..along with storage for the obvious 
I have been paying for Ammericanos at various coffee shacks for weeks..I have skills to make my own mochas and what not but, its so easy to grabbing and going threw a drive thru. I was told about Pioneer Womans amazing iced coffee recipe and had to look it up..then discovered that i'm pretty much a stalker of her blog and cook books now. Find her Perfect Iced Coffee Recipe here  she also has out two cookbooks ..I highly recommend them! 
Photo Credit: Ree Drummond
The stuff looks heavenly does it not? 
So, im going to head off once a week bloggy post. Everyone have a wonderful week! 

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