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Monday, January 28, 2013

Out with the "Color puke" in with the chic and organized!

I am trying so hard to put everything in my craft room in its rightful place. It is difficult.

I bought this here Amoire for $50 handmade second hand by the guy that made it from Craigslist. I wanted to idealy make a craft amoire and give more use to my craft area and not allow it to be messy anymore..

So this is a mess...this is what the area of my craft corner aka) our was dining room.

This is what my craft im just going to say room looked like BEFORE:
 and this above..was way the heck before my infatuation with ball jars really became more of hording.
And above..was extreamly clean for maybe 24 hours until I blew up all over!

Well things started to get crazy and really, really unorganized.
This mess above..this was during a week I couldn't work because I had been very sick and was contagious to others for a few days. In order to make any kind of income during this time I had to make more things to fill my shop on Etsy- Sunshine Nellie which I received answers to my prayers and made some money that week from orders. My etsy shop is not a main source of income- I have a full time job and a part time job so,that week my shop was my full time job.

After a lot of collecting things that were cute and quirky I found myself a lot less organized and having a hard time thinking without sensory overload. So, I got a wild hair and decided it was time for a change. I purchased the amouir and became a avid researcher on pinterest. I got lots of ideas and this is so far..what the was "color puke" looks like now! (as of an hour ago)
The fabric hoops: I found them all, in a bag at Goodwill for $8.00 (okay, $7.99) and decided that these were going to be my wall art.
Fabric in the hoops: Colors of grey,blues,yellows and greens I bought cheap quilting weight fabric from joanns. Really, I wanted better quality BUT these were just going on my wall and really? I didn't need to spend the extra amount of money on fabric when I had coupons and got most of the fabric in either 1/2 yards or 1/4 hards. However, the large grey hoop and yellow hoop I bought the remainder on the bolt because I love it so much!
Amoire- $50 handmade 2nd hand from a guy on CL
Lacey "table cloth" (yes,that was our dining room table,its folded down and is being used as a surface space I had the table cloth for about 6 years now got it at a garage sale for I think $1.00
"Inspire" word- Ross $7.99
and the rest of the stuff are things I already had.

When you google "Shabby chic" or even "Shabby chic" craft room the colors are all pinks and whites-eww not my thang!

I am currently painting this here shelf it holds my Berry dolls ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Its "Winners circle" blue
I made the bunting that is strung across the top of my window lace. .32 cents for  1/8 a yard. in green,brown and cream.
I pinned them together on the backside with safety pins. since is burlap you can't sew it very easily.

This room is so much better than the color puke before. The room looks much larger too.
I am finding things I didn't even know I had! ..... I dont know if that is cool to admit or not...

Husmabiest and I went to IKEA late last night. I was on the mission for new holders for scrapbooking scissors, pens/pencils and rotary cutters and tools I use often. at $1.29 for the largest one and .99 cents each for the other two aluminum supposed to be plant pots- good deal! and that was the least i'd EVER spent at IKEA.. I love tho.

This is what the interior of my Amoire looks like:

packed full of crafty goodness!
and its really unorganized but, thats for a different day!

Anyone can have a craft room or a craft area. It is hard to have a 4 walled room to devote to crafts because our apartment home is small and there are 3 of us that live here. My husband and I and my middle brother. I never thought i'd have an actual area that was bigger than a 3 foot by 2 feet table-that is all I had org. and it sucked. I hated that I didn't have  space of my own and that all of my crafty items had to be shuved out of sight. After we moved into this apartment home 2 years ago our dining room was never used and that is when I took it over. hung a cable from IKEA and bought a decrative curtain from IKEA and turned the dining room into my craft room. I call it my craft corner because I can see into the kitchen over the breakfast nook and into the living room as I sit in front of my sewing machine table. Ive made the best of it. I hope you have an area devoted to your creativity and you have been inspired by reading and seeing what i've done to a space in my home. Creativity and an eye for what could be is really,all you need. Someday i'll have a 4 walled craft room. Preferably a basement or attic that is well lit and all mine to paint and do as I please in. My husband and brother do not care that this is my little area..they were not going to use it anyways!

All while cleaning,organizing and creating new wall pretties I baked two loafs of Amish white bread and cooked my husband dinner. Peppered Bacon potato chowder. It rains a lot here in Oregon (I <3 it!) and soups are cheap and easy to make. Throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and there you go!!!!
I got the Amish white bread recipe here Recipe of goodness Easy and CHEAP to make!
and the Peppered bacon potato chowder is my own doings here is my recipe:

Peppered Bacon Potato Chowder

10 Russet potatoes-size does not matter we bought a 10lb bag. Chopped into "medium" peices
1/2 lb of Peppered Bacon from the Deli counter. (or packaged your choice) chopped
1/2 cup green onions-diced
3 veggie bolion cubes disolved in 1 1/2 cups HOT water.
           Can Substatue Veggie stock- 2 cups (I just didn't have any on hand)
1 Cup heavy cream OR milk
1)Boil chopped potatos until they are soft and smash under a fork. Remove from heat, pour into strainer to remove water. Set back onto cold burner.
2) Half cook bacon in a pan do not drain. If you dont like the idea of "limp" bacon- just cook it till its NEARLY crunchy. After bacon is half done add it to potatoes. Stir
3) Pour Veggie bolion/broth into potato bacon mix return to heat.Stir
4) Add green onions to potato bacon broth mix. Stir
5)Add heavy cream or milk to potato,onion,bacon mix, Stir
6) Bring to a good simmer-almost to boiling- then drop heat down to low.  Let it sit for 10 minutes.

Tada! Enjoy your chowder!

Our apartment smells wonderful. I'm not a love of bacon but the combo of bread and soup smells just is devine.
As I write this blog I am  drinking my Cranberry Lemoncello - 21 and over!..... Homemade Lemoncello might I add... I got the recipe from Food In jars Marisa's recipes are divine-I own her cookbook- I started canning after accidentally coming across her blog.  Food IN Jars I highly recommend buying her cookbook. I have made a few of her jams/preserves and the Lemon Cello (A boozy lemon beverage).
Vanilla Pear Jam

Cranberry Pear Jam

 Enjoying a bit of handmade homemade goodness.
I hope you enjoyed reading my little blurb for the day. I have a lot of fun writting into the universe and I have hopes that people read and enjoy! Back to organizing this mess!


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