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Saturday, January 19, 2013

From the bedroom...Sickly

For the past 48 hours I have very sick. Loosing out on 3 days of pay. I suppose the silver lining is that 2 of the 5 days I am taking off-not by choice-is my normal days off.
I went to urgent care yesterday with gastrointestinal problems ( don't think I need to go into details) sat for two hours. Had a fever that I didn't know about-I just couldn't get warm- and tired and weak. I was tested for the flu-nothing I would ever want done again or suggest to another's they stuck a long swab in your nose way up there and then pushed back. It gives you a bad head rush! Luckily it came back negative. No diagnosis but two prescriptions that I feel "saved me". I went home and crawled into bed. Tried to remove myself because I hate feeling "lazy" and about 10minutes of computer time I went back to bed and did not wake until my husband phoned me at 10:15pm. I was exhausted. My whole body felt like goo. Hubby and I stayed up watching the first 2 hours of The Hatfields and The McCoys a made for TV movie. It's rather good. I would hate to think this was a real life story-some if it- but it was. We are finishing up the rest of it from bed as I write this. I feel like a million bucks today. Thank you prescription meds!! Today I'm crying out for help- I do not have vacation or sick leave at work- in going to be hurting financially pretty bad- with my savings spent already on a doctor bill and a jacket I needed for this winter- I've never owned one- I never thought I would rely on my Etsy shop for any kind of income for the next month I will be to help pay the bills-like everyone else in the world- so, ever so kindly those that run across my blog- pass the link around- help a girl out- I really could use the extra shout outs this month-

I make everything by hand/machine/and I take pride in what I do. My etsy shop was to support my hobby now I'm trying to make it a source of income- I make recipe and photo boxes that are wicked cute. I make soft items such as tissue cozys and kindle cases. I love custom work and have an eclectic style that covers many genres of style. Please help a sista out- spread my etsy shop. I do my best to support other handmade artists- often buying gifts for family and friends off etsy and spreading other shop names.

This sick girl appreciates you!!!

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