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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The News from my Corner Office

Hello Blogosphere!
I have been a busy little bee buzzing around fixing,cleaning,working,cutting,scrapping,cleaning,drinking coffee,staying up way too late,thrifting,painting,creating,duplicating,rejuvenating,recreating and trying to stay sane!
I am Danielle,25 year old addict to: Pyrex,Sewing,Cleaning,Cooking,Creating,Drinking Coffee,Buying too much stuff from Etsy,Trying to keep up with herself, Married Girl looking to share a bit of her life with the bloggy world!
I have high hopes that someday i'll make it past 2 followers!
I enjoy writting thus, If  I only have 2 followers whatever! As long as  I get to write and act like people really do read my blog!
So here it goes!
I have been wicked busy! Seriously..busy! This month has been busy for me at work. I work at an Assisted Living Home(s) here in the town I live in. I work in the Activities Department-yeah,I get paid to have fun. Sometimes..its stressful and just overwhelming because I, I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I have been very much this way since who knows how long but.."Diagnosed" at age 15. Yay! Go me!
So..this is what i've been up to in photos..
Starbucks (I loath Starbucks) has there Fall drinks back! I went in the Day after I found out..To grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte..MY FAV! I am a fall girl! I love the fall! The leaves change,the weather is cooler and the sweaters come on-I love sweaters!- I love the Black and white photo. Don't you? My husband came across a deal on for a "Buy $5.00 Ecard get $10" so..he bought one and I bought one! wahoo! I was cruisin' that day! This bad boy was drank up by 10AM (I savor my drinks!) and after work I got an Iced Chia Latte..-to die for- Sometimes my husband just dosn't know when to not encourage my habits!
I have been going thrifting nearly everyday-ya-lots of gas "wasted" to find Fall clothes-because i'd rather spend $40 on compleatly wearable attire-that most likely no one else has anymore-for 5 outfits than $200 ..see where i'm going? I am a semi-penny-pincher. and working where I do-things get trashed easily from running around in them. I snagged this HUGE bag of zippers and belt making kits for $5.99 at GoodWill... let me tell ya...There are about 40 zippers-all new-and in wicked awsome colors...sure beats spending big bucks for one when im in a pinch-I normally buy mine from Zip It Zippers but,I couldn't resist the Vintage fun in a bag!
I use to have a Zebra Print car I named "Spunker" he was an Art Car. Ever see an art car before? not so traditional to see on the road. But,there is a HUGE group of people that create art out of cars and well,I had one! He was multicolored and wicked awesome! I painted the interior all kinds of neon colors. I was a nanny at the time and the kids thought I was the coolest person in the world! (miss them :( ) I had bought him from the artist for $200 he was a Toyota Corolla wagon-the coolest cat around! it Zebra? Anyways..I saw these flats and had to have them! I miss my car!
The fluffy cotton tail is Gypsee.. Shes approx. 6 years old. Shes a mutt .. Dwarf,America,Lop Mix. House Trained fluffy ball of love. I like to think shes admiring my pyrex here.. but I think she's just up to no good- that is her normal MO.

This is where i'm currently sitting while blogging this :) This is our Dining Room of our Apartment home. We don't use the dining room..well didn't because we all worked different hours. So, this became my small (15x15 ft) studio/sewing room/where I am normally found. Room. It looks cluttered and a mess but really,it isn't. I am a very organized person (95% of the time) and because the space is limited and I think the boys (my husband and brother) would be upset with me if I moved into the living room :) which,is 3 times larger than this area... just sayin'....hrm...

This is my "office" part of my corner. Where my pink laptop (Bertha) and my cutting mat are located. This was my first table in this corner of mine. My husband found it off Craigslist and when we drove out to go get it in a rich part of where we live..The nice business man said "its a great table,I don't want to dent it" as we were stuffing it into the back of my Subaru Impreza Sport wagon (yes! it DOES fit! I have hauled a lot more than a desk in it! don't underestimate Subaru's! )  My reply was "oh,im going to use it to cut fabric on,get paint all over it and probably destroy it in a year anyways its okay! " in my cheery bubbly self attitude. The look on his face=speechless! My hubby bought it for $50.00 its VERY sturdy. and has a shelf under it.
A huge tree stands at the back of our apartment-we live on the 2nd story.
This is the corner to my current left. Its small. It houses my shelf with only about a quarter of my Berry Doll Figurine Collection and a pyrex bowl (crazy daisy) full of thread. A couple jars of zippers,my OttLite,my fav collage ;-) Measuring tools,a bunny mesh "basket" that i've hung on the wall with some of my vintage wooden spools,misc. notions and a couple books. 

So,under all the stuff..was our dining room table. From folds out to a much larger table to seat 4 people. .... it now stands to hold fabric bins,a few of my MANY Ball jars filled with notions,stamp cabinet, and a few rolls of interfacing. under the table is Some of my Etsy Items 
Behind the bunting curtain held on by a small curtain rod, is a book shelf that houses some etsy items,fabric,notions,scrap booking papers for my Recipe and Photo Boxes on Etsy

I am pretty proud of my dining room art/sewing studio! It isn't magnificent but,I know its mine and I can pull the curtain shut and be "shut out" of the boys in the living room poking fun at old lady me at my sewing machine!
And this is me! in my PROUD TO SAY! Second Hand cardigan! I scored for $5.99 at Goodwill while I was out on one of my Looking for fall clothes runs! I love buying 2nd hand. It is not only helping re-purpose,help those that need jobs,makes me save money,but I can gladly pay $5.99 and NOT feel the guilt if I had bought this sweater at full price and Lane Bryant for nearly $40! see what I mean?! This day I was feeling "Sassy" as I like to say. I had even curled my hair. Which is VERY time consuming because its thick.
My husband found this jar at Goodwill. It is a wire jar. the unique part of it-its a misprint and was made somewhere around 1915 it is "Made in Canada Perfect Seae" see the error? it is blue and it is a large jar and a #6! it was $3.99 ...another reason I love 2nd hand..and its funny my husband encourages my niches! I don't know what i'm going to put in this one but,eventually i'll have a purpose for it.

So far, September has been good to me. I am learning a lot about myself that I had forgotten threw the years and rediscovering who I am. i'm trying my best to make this month so much better than the last because August was HELL! ....
I know i've left a lot out in this bloggy but, I have been DYING to write SOMTHING the past couple weeks. and I love to share! so there we go! TTFN

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