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Monday, August 27, 2012

Long two days Miss? not really just..pretty busy.
Getting over a cold- at least trying
I have acid reflux like no other.
I have stayed up until 2AM on both of my days off and I feel as if i've hardely accomplished a thing when..I know I did.
Saturday started off going to work at 8Am and then coming home, taking a shower, and then running around Thrifting with my boys (Husband and Middle Brother)
I found the 3 Vintage Pyrex dishes at the same Goodwill. Score! A Moulie and Spring Blossom plates for only .99 cents for 4 which,was nifty.
We got home around 9Pm and I relaxed reading in bed until 2 Am..
Got up at 8Am and started my first day off ...
With breakfast and a trip to the store for Root Beer float goodness and a new fancy smancy Iron!
My old Iron decided that it was going to try to catch my Ironing board cover on fire! Fantastic huh?!
So this little beauty is the new one. I bought my last second hand for only $4 while I was on a very tight budget and I decided to splurge just a little ;-) $20 for this one. Someday once I have all the time in the world i'll buy a fancy one that lifts itself and a spiffy new sewing machine that does every stitch imaginable. But, right now I work full time and can't spend all my hours on sewing as I wish I could.
..someday ..maybe

I finally got around to actually finishing the body of another one of my Nellie bags! The fabric is A Ghastly Family Reunion and the design of the bag is my own pattern.
It was two interior pockets, 1 large pocket on the front of the bag under the flap. And a huge zippered backside pocket that is the width and height of the bag,

This is the backside of the bag. I tried my best not to take too much of the graphics out of the bag while I put in the zipper. I think it worked out just fine. I just love this fabric.
The bag will be available in my Etsy shop Sunshine Nellie soon after I finish the adjustable strap hopefully tonight or tomorrow after i'm home from work :)

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