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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Whoa Nellie!

Its been a while since I have blogged last-couple weeks actually. Bummer.
A lot has been going on in the world of my life. .......... My car blew up...yeah i'm pretty sad about it still. I got her back home by means of two after driving her that morning to the mechanics. My brother and I had worked on her for a week and well,she had 3 dead cylinders and a thrown rod so,there was no hope for her anyways.
She had been leaking from the front main seal-not to mention the rear-which would intail ripping this engine out and replacing the clutch and pulling the engine from the tranny...not my cup of tea.
I learned a lot working on my car with my brother. What to do,how to do a timing belt and how to get very angry when something breaks. Many trips were made getting more parts and buying more tools-good thing I had a savings-which is depleted again..Bleh! don't we hate that?!
The timing belt was a pain in the butt,we got it on but there was no use. She was a sick Subaru and it was her time to go.
This is my new car, its not a 2013 BUT it is...2006 Ford Escape xlt v6 (vroom vroom) 60k miles,every bell and whistle and its just LOVELY. Brand new tires on it the day I bought it. IT takes a bit more gas-with the all terrain tires and the fact it is a small V6.. Its orange though..I LOVE this orange! Ever since I saw it on the Kia spectra hatchbacks about 5 years ago. Wicked adorable. It is also AUTOMATIC! the first Automatic i've EVER owned. I have always had Manuals... Poor betty was a stick... awe the girl..
So,she is now sitting in my parking spot out front of my apartment with a blown engine. I am giving her a bath once a week to keep her shiny so she isn't an eye sore. I don't want to be told to "tow it or else" so,may as well keep it pretty. The tags are now expired anways-good thing I didn't jump on the ball to replace those puppies! $124 plus other fees..YIKES.
I have been working on this bag for about a week now. I had wanted to finish it on my first day of my vacation but,well,didn't happen now did it?! So, i'm hopeful to finish it tomorrow!... I am making it for the Tula Pink Sew Along. I LOVE this fabric. I have been on a purse making binge lately-my own patterns- and decided I needed to make myself a bag in the fabric, I also bought it in a mustard yellow-sorry the technical name has slipped my mind. It is a different print but,Tula Pink none the less.
I will finish it tomorrow.....
Hubby bought a great Livingsocial deal from the web a few weeks ago for this hockey game. -Portland Winterhawks- two tickets for $30 we say in the 6th row up from the ice. Portland won 1 to 0. The footage from the score-Nick and I are in it- funny enough i was recording him as we got a goal and there I in hand,not paying attention and my husband yelling-Laughing at self- I love hockey..

*little boy figure skating* is what I would be calling this move- I normally yell more than my husband does-I get into the game-to the point of embarrassing whom ever i'm with.... :)

This past week i've been on vacation. To use up the rest of my vacation time at work before the next year. The holidays are coming and I prefer to work them thus,I didn't need to keep my vacation bank, if we don't use it we loose it. Sucks right? so, I took 3 days additional off to my normal 2 day weekend anways... 5 days off away from work-it has been SO NICE to be able to do what I want,go where I want and sleep in and lounge around in jammies all day. Yes,I did get in a shower or two a day....
I wanted to be SUPER productive on these days but,found myself being overly sleepy and just plain worn out! My job is high energy and takes a lot out of me and when I go go go and don't go to bed until 10-11pm if not midnight..I get up at 6am DAILY with the exception of this past wears me out! I know i'm not the only working girl that has this schedule but golly gee wilickers man! i've been beat!
I wanted to get a bunch of sewing off my list and make a few new things for my Etsy Shop Sunshine Nellie look for a part time job and clean my house spotless-how I like it- Well, ive accomplished the job part. I had an interview today and I have one tomorrow. The one today went so well! I am hopeful  I get hired by them and the one tomorrow I had applied at before a few years ago. Its a much longer drive. But, I need to do what I need to do to save up again since my savings gone out the window and into my broke down car! -Not my new one-
So..that is a little bit of what i've been up to...
For the first day I had off, after I had gotten off work on my "Friday" my brother,husband and I drove at 10pm to Goldendale,Washington to go see our family. Nicholas and I slept in the back of our car-I fit just fine-him not so much. I'm 5'5 and he's 6'4..see the issue? ;-)
It was nice though, my back has hurt ever since but,it was nice.
I finally came home with my Grandfathers,Mothers,Table. That I have been in love with since I was very little. I remember eating at this table. I remember the smell of his house. I remember the way the light shined into the small dining room of his "vintage" loathed over now adays-style home... oh those days..I wish I was little again. I remember the way he smelt-of "old man" and he always brought my brother and I down dried fruits or fresh fruits. He sold Herbalife (lol) and was a good grandfather. This table means a lot to me and i'm so happy i have it now. My apartment is so small but,I really wanted it to come home. So for the time being it is going to serve as my folding/cutting table.
This table is chrome,red and the top is a white/cream with grey markings The chair is wicked adorable. If anyone knows any information about the maker of this table,i'd LOVE to hear it! I am seeking 3 more chairs. Heck,i'd take all I could get my hands on. This table will be with me forever. And won't it look wicked adorable in my retro kitchen in my home someday?!
I think so!!!!


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