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Monday, August 20, 2012

WOW! Seriously my two days off ....just WOW now!

My weekend starts on Saturdays.
I picked my husband up from PDX at 10Pm Sat. Night. He came in early- 40mins early! Good thing I got there super early.
That night we stayed up till about 1Am then went to bed. We woke at approx. 9Am the next morning. I made breakfast- Eggs and Apple Chicken Sausage-YUMMMMMM
we lounged around the house for a while and I had decided that I hadn't gone thrifting in a while and really wanted to do so. I woke up my brother also and we all got moving and hustled out the door at about 10Am Sunday Morning.
We went to 5 different thrift stores in the Gresham/Portland Area. I scored BOTH things I had wanted that were on my wish list!
A vintage lime green (Verde?) baking pan! I nearly sat it back on the shelf because it looked a bit too worn and used then my husband encouraged me to take $5.49...really..what did I have to loose anyways? that's the cost of a chia latte-something that lasts for 1 hour..rather than something for a lifetime or forbid I break it..crosses fingers not to do so! .. I cooked Rib Eye steak on the electric bbq outside using a recipe from my recent Racheal Ray Mag... Layed on a bed of Parmesan sprinkled arugula with lemons and a zesty sherry glaze..uh YUM! it was pretty delish! and after I had cleaned up the pan like the good folks over at Pyrex Love Flicker Group say looks hardly used! I had wanted this pan so bad for a few weeks now that I was willing to pay the money on the awful - shall not be named auction site ;-)- to have it! But I am so glad I looked down when I did!
I also found....

A small batch of Kromex! I was pretty excited for these. They were $9.99 I almost didn't get them but...with the future move clear across the country I want to have the retro kitchen i've always wanted and these WILL BE awesome I faintly remember my grandparents having these! who knew that "vintage" things would be so loathed after now-a-days?!
I also found these two lovelies- Pyrex stamped-not glass poured- marking on the bottom of the bowl at half off for $1.50! for the set!!
The green matches my bake pan! I'm not collecting this set but hey! it goes with my green Pyrex
I got the baking bug and decided to make some Banana Bread last night...

Awe Pyrex........
I also made Peanut Butter cookies at the request of my husband (he asked for cookies in general) we had just enough butter for both the cookies and bread I was pleased with that...

...They turned out really well!

I had also dried my lavender I had gotten last week..because the stuff dried out by itself naturally-no water could keep it from doing so...
So I used my hands and pulled the dried buds from the stems..
It smells fantastic..I think better than it did when it was still drinking the water....  it fills a small pint kerr jar... I am trying to figure out what I want to do with it still..
I also had done the silly thing of ...stuffing the lavender stemps down the garbage disposal..ya..not so smart...
so, I had a massively clogged "u" pipe and had to take the kitchen sink apart...but because i'm so brilliant...I fixed it! while wearing pink rubber gloves of course ;-) I won't be doing that again!
well ta ta! Hope you enjoyed reading this bloggy!

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