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Friday, August 17, 2012

Texting while sewing! My 12 inch block!

I am pretty proud how this turned out!
No practice, no prior experiance! I just drew out what I wanted to create and voila! here she is!
I wanted to take more photos BUT my phone was dead and my husband had my SD card in his digi camera and he wasn't in the area.
I hope you all understand what I was trying to show!
The sewing machine is 2D- hard to see the different colored fabric because I used 99% all text fabric for my 12 inch block. (which is the center I added the red print to make a pillow cover) I "plugged" the sewing machine into the coffee cup. 1, 2, 3 cup buttons have hand stitched embroridery. There is a coffee bean tank showing how much fuel the sewing machine has on the right side of the block on the sewing machine. I stitched an "E" and an "F" (for empty full) and it is at 1/2 ;-) The sewing machine has a hand stitched machine needle and has a coffee bean spool of thread to boot! I tried my hardest to use only text fabric but,it was near impossible! I really tried though! And all the coffee prints I found that had to do with the stuff was a neutral or brown! beh! oh well! thats all right! I think the blue print for the sewing machine was perfect! I actually didn't use all the text fabric I bought either! I wanted to but didn't want to make it look too messy!
I have never paper peiced before I think this turned out great for my first time! I drew my pattern up, cut the peices and cut the fabric. Tada!
The backside of the pillow is a yellow tape measure fabric!

This block was made for the Texting while sewing contest with Amy over at During Quiet Time
Here is a photo of what the 12 inch block looks like BEFORE I added the fabric to make it a pillow!


  1. So fun and the perfect combo!! Love the back fabric too!!

  2. The block is cute, but I'm really lusting after your ironing board cover! :)

    1. Thank you! my old iron loved it too-caught it on fire- in the works of making a new one gerr!

  3. This is just a great block. LOVE the coffee too! And I can't believe this is your first time paper piecing! You did a wonderful job!! Good luck in the contest!