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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wacked out Wednesday..

After finding myself thinking..its necessary to write a bloggie post today ...well... I have OCD and if anyone knows what that is..its hard to stop thinking about something........repeatedly until I do it..
I had huge plans of waking up before the birds (5 Am) I normally get up at 6AM anyways but, I wanted to cut some fabric and get some things done before headed off to work at 8A.. well..not so much..
My radio alarm went off twice this morning before i finally forced myself... to roll out of bed and slowly walk like a zombie to the bathroom to take an ice cold shower (Hypothetically speaking-warm enough to fall back asleep..)  anyhoot..well short lived thoughts of "I can go back to sleep for 15 minutes" and then my little person in my head told me "uh no? you'll wake up more sleepy than you already are stupid!" I finished the normal AM routine.. and now ..Ta-Da! i'm here!
Writting a blog about basically nothing but,what comes to mind like a random blogger... (Har har)
2nd Cup of coffee today and this is how im acting? Geez!
Have you heard of the Zakka Sew Along? Using the Zakka Style Book a Compiled pattern book by Rashida Coleman-Hale... its like a sewing/crafting is..
Well..we are on week 19..I can't belive that! and I hadn't done last weeks project- a cute little linen sleeve/baggie..thinger dinger.. because I was too busy making a quilt for my best friends Birthday...
 Its just randomly pieced because fine lines and being symmetrical isn't a word in my vocabulary..I know it..just don't use it :) I basically cut up fabric,aligned them on our bed and then sewn them togeather in a random fashion because that's just how I roll..and then I appliqued a flower to the bottom,washed it ..dried it...and hand embroidererd it ..over 5 painstaking hours ....of embroidery went into that flower ..I thought I was never going to be done! ..She got her quilt a day late..since I work full time and my mind races a million miles an hour at full speed DAILY... its hard to sit down for long enough I can even think of what I need to do..
She did get this on her birthday however! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My 2nd pie i've ever made! (Note to self: Find a freaking pie pan already!!!) Cherry Pie.... Each cherry pitted and sliced... I bought the dough in the fridge isle ...I don't do well with dough.. frustrates me! ... It was da-bomb! I gave her the rest to take home. We ate it with Tillamook Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (my fav) .........pretty freakishly good....

I've had the cooking and baking bug lately..
 Not that I do not like to cook its that its hard for me to cook somthing that wouldn't feed a small army. I downloaded an's App "Meal shaker" on my Android and ..well its pretty freaking cool! So, Stuffed Apple chicken and the dessert..came off of it and let me tell you..this chicken is pretty freaking great!
It's stuffed with this stuffing also-Apple,Raisen and celery goodness..I cooked this batch after touching raw poultry you never know where your hands had actually gone because by nature, I don't think before  I do while i'm in my home kitchen when it comes to cooking dinner..I just want it done..and done NOW! This took over 1 hour and 45 mins to cook.
Fresh Fruit Galette.... SO easy to make! 2- 9 inch pie crusts (The flat kind) 3 fresh white peaches,blueberries and strawberries. Raw sugar and flour.. YUMM! I thought it only made 1 of these things..but it makes 2..I was looking at all the fruit in the bowl then looking at the pie crusts like "oh please tell me all this is going to fit!" it did..made a little mess because I accidentally cut the bottom of one of them while moving it so, it leaked goodness but..its pretty fantastic! highly suggest..

I baked the chicken in one of my Vintage Pyrex casserole dishes - the big one- and used one of my woodland bowls for the fruits and a horizon blue dish for the stuffing....Buying this Vintage Pyrex (even more now) had enhanced my want to cook...I guess the now and then $10 on the dish's to equal happiness,re-purpose and a good investment! My husband surely isn't complaining!

Anyhoot...Ta ta~!

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