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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coming to an end of the month...

...and i've been very busy!
Life is great and I've tried to so very hard to live each day better than the last.
This months highlights:
50's Day at work was one of my favorites for the week of "Spirit" and I broke out of my shell a little by wearing some leggings- i've never been able to show myself in public with those things. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my legs they are very muscular but, the thought of having a perma weggie all day was not my cup of tea, unfortunately for this day..I had nothing to wear for britches and surely..I wasn't going to go work with no pants on ;-) Worked out in the end.
I began to make new things for my shop and made a stack of these ^^ for a rummage sale in which, I came home with only 2 left.
Early mornings with my wascally house rabbit Gypsee...Always a good start to my morning. Until I have to chase her around the house to get her to go to "Bed" in her kennel. (I don't call it a cage) it fits a med. dog. I'd rather have her out 24-7 but it doesn't work like that.
I accidentally made this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I thought it was wicked adorable. Haven't yet making any other Monster Sniffle Pouches.... YET..
I finished a project that I really wasn't going to make because I didn't feel a use for it. I can't stand making things I don't have a use for. . . I did it anyways because I don't want to be a soar winy baby during the Zakka Sew Along... week..can't remember ;-) I think Month 4? Turned out cute. I'm going to use it to mark my sewing books.
Began avidly looking for this Vintage Pyrex Print- Spring Blossom- I scored these 3 bowls for $20 on Ebay... nicest person i've ever bought from on Ebay too might  I add... it was a "or best offer" deal... very sweet guy. I've used them quit a bit... shockingly...
I've began baking and cooking more than I use to. I find myself swamped in things i want to do but leaving the "need to do!" things.... well.... in the dark and waiting to still be taken care of ...
I made my first Strawberry Rhubarb Pie... and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! My brother Dustin and I use to eat wild Rhubarb behind a garage when we lived in a farm house in Amboy,Washington. I will never forget the tart and bitter taste but..we ate it anyways because it was good..then paid for it later while sick to our tummies..we were 5 and 6 (?) maybe 4 and 5.
Tried Moonshine for the first time... let me tell ya.... OMG..if you want to drink rubbing alcohol then just go by a bottle for 99 cents instead of getting this stuff! husband loves it though... (gag!) (My tattoo says "Love" in an abstract way- my own drawing and creation-Copyrighted.
 I saw this (im SURE vintage) miniature rocking chair- its cream colored. For my Christmas Cactus. .. because I couldn't find a gnome I liked ..YET
 I painted my toes a dark turquoise because I saw a girls toes in Tiffany Blue and just HAD TO paint mine too! Color inspiration=Epically awesomeness!
 My bestie and I went to the grocery store- I wanted to make her a cake for her 31st Birthday (I LOVE YOU BESTIE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING!) but knew she liked pie much better... This was my 2nd!!! time i've EVER made a pie FROM SCRATCH (okay so the dough was store bought so what?!) She choose Cherry... Boiling the cherries and making them syrupy was a little finicky but..the pie was PERFECT. Served warm with Tilamook Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ..YUMM!
 The makings of my besties Birthday Pie. Pitting and slicing those cherries was a LABOR OF LOVE ;-)

The middle of the month my mother in law had gotten a booth a few months ago (reserved) at the Clark County Fair Grounds. She sold her "rummage" and I sold my handmade goodies-and attempted to get rid of a few things of clutter-which later on I donated to the Arc. I sold about 60% of what was on that 6 foot table..I was over joyed! I received a LOVELY email from a buyer and had a lot of inspiration and "you are so talented" comments...which has done a lot of good for me since I have been feeling discouraged lately. Again, my Etsy Shop is for my hobby- it supports the cost of buying more fabric and things to make- It keeps me busy. So when someone buys from my shop it supports my arts and I get the warm tingley feeling that someone loved something that much to buy it. :)  75% (if not more) of my shop is Eco Friendly- Upcycled items and repourposed things. I use scraps as much as possible. I am also a part of Team Eco Etsy which-has been SO inspirational! I was raised in the era of RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE .... thus.. i'm 25 and still live by that! I have two bins-one of garbage that I can not recycle and one for only recycling- which gets filled quickly unfortunately. I have used ONLY reusable bags since 2010 and recycle plastic bags when I forget to bring reusable with me. I repurpose wrapping papers from folks I buy from on Etsy and reuse boxes and things as much as possible. - its a responsibility of all people in the world- OKAY i'm off my soapbox now!

I made one last bag for purse Palooza 2012 .. a bag in Flea Market Fancy for my bestest ... Turned out WONDERFULLY!
.......................................So any hoot..thats only maybe... a quarter of what i've been up to this month... its been CRAZY! I hope everyone has been in good health and have had a fantastic month!

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