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Monday, August 13, 2012

The end of my weekends events!

Last night I set my mind to wanting to go find a lavender farm that I hadn't found with my brother prior to going to visit family Saturday....
So, I actually used my Navigation on my Phone to find it today...
The little drive there was GORGEOUS!
My journey took place after a quick 2 cups of coffee,shower,and making of my bed. By 10AM I was there...
This farm was featured in Saturdays Early Edition in the Oregonian. It is well worth the drive!!! $5.00 for a large handful of lavender! You do have to be cautious of the bees however. I have former experiance with bees because my brother Dustin,Father and I had bee hives so, it wasn't a big deal at all I just moved slow,didn't wear perfume (because I knew of the bee warning) and waited patiently for my turn with the lavender, I wish I would have gotten a photo of the was GORGEOUS!
My loot was...two different kinds of Lavender, I can not remember the names..oopsies.. but they had two kinds of the purple and one kind White ....
 Another thing I got today was the vase the lavender is in-sorry awful photo- its in my bedroom on my headboard (Formerlly my fathers bed I just recently was given, my father passed away from ALS in 2004 and having this bed meant A LOT to me..I didn't know his friends had it, they contacted me a few months ago...anyways..) The vase I got at Goodwill..because I LOVE THRIFTING The glass was handwrapped by someone-the donater-and I LOVED IT it was PERFECT for my lavender!!! I was so excited it was just as I pictured in my head before I knew Goodwill had it! $1.99 wooty woot woot! I also got the magazine holder-I was going to get a cardboard one and cover it with fabric and make it all cutesie.. but that takes patients and the use of my lovely fabric..and its just in my bedroom whatever.. it flows with my unorganized chaos right now! ..its black.. $1.99 another wooot woot!
My bedroom smells HEAVENLY by the way!
I spend some time organizing my corner a little and playing on the laptop as I am right now... I also finished a project..
Another one of my bags from MY OWN pattern! for the other Activities Assistant at work :) The lining is baby/bubblegum pink polka dots (Michael Miller) with 3 pockets, the backside has a huge same size as the bag zip up pocket.
I made myself dinner/2 lunches for the week- on the Electric Grill my mother in law gave us .... she only used it twice Nicholas said... I LOVE it... its fantastic..I super glued the bbq sauce to it im waiting till it cools to clean it..whoopsies! By the City we are not allowed to have any flamed barbeque so...this worked great! and FREE!
I ate my smoked salmon today...gone before I could show the numminess..and the superb quality! Dustin and I (My brother) stopped off in Cascade locks before coming home last night and I bought us cherries-that were HEAVENLY! and I bought myself this smoked salmon.....LET ME TELL YOU the joy that came from this healthy treat!!!!!!!!!! oh my! The salmon was so moist,AMAZINGLY smoked! and just heaven to my soul  I WILL be going back there next time we go see our family..WHICH IS SOOOOON... it was $10.00 cheaper than the small peice you could get at Whole foods-where I normally buy my smoked salmon or salmon jurky..(OMG numm) AND it supports the person that caught that fish,smoked it and packed that is alright..might I add they were smoking a joint as we drove Oregon..I thought it was funny..Dustin and I laughed hysterically over it!

So now...
I'm doing just what my cup says NOT to do...

I also upgraded to Flicker PRO..I was reaching the 200 photo limit and for all the contests I do..and the photos I enjoy was pretty necessary..and wasn't spendy either... So I just gave in and said "might as well!!!'
...........Now i'm off to paint my fingernails with a new color..GunMetal grey!! (i'll post a photo later)
 and watch Grimm ....while looking at a Storage Magazine...a special edition from Better homes and gardens..

By the way... 
If you like the Mug.... VISIT: Lenny Mud's Etsy Shop Right now they don't have this cup BUT i'm sure if you ask they can make you one..ITS WELL WORTH IT if you love sweet cuteness cups like I do.... It holds its weight it is finely made, its handmade,support your artisit-WELL worth it!

If you live in Oregon and want to visit the gorgous Lavender farm...
Address: 38401 E. Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett 
 Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily through September 
 Prices: $5 for cut-your-own lavender, $10 for large pre-cut bunches 
 Other products: Soaps, lotions and sachets, $5; distilled lavender oil and lavender honey coming soon

I arrived at the Lavender farm at about 10AM right when they were ready for business and the bees were out like mad! if your allergic-stay in the car-or buy a precut bunch. The bees really mind there own business, just be careful when reaching over to cut or walking down isles as they are EVERYWHERE! Don't wear perfume!!!  It is well worth the drive, easy to get to from Portland and the surrounding areas. 

------------------Hope you all are having a wonderful evening!------------------

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