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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shooting stars,barking dogs,crowing roosters,mooing cows...where am I?

...Aside from a farm!!
I am in the Sunny Valley of Klickitat County in Centerville,Washington. Near Yakima....

Visiting family and enjoying some clean air! The air up here is so pure compared to living in Portland,Oregon that when ever I come up here..I fall asleep like a baby!
Last night we drug out blankets and layed under the stars..A metor shower was giving us a good show and a few strange anomolies also..flashing lights that give more than just a speck of light...Probably just a satalite..right??.....right?
Dogs barking threwout the Centerville Valley and the sound of the roosters crowing brings me back to home.

I grew up in Eastern Washington and its always been wounderful coming "up here" is what I call it..more like "OVER" and up compared to where we live. I was born in Yakima,Washington-which nothing like it use to be!
And have lived all over the place.
My aunt has a working ranch with cows,a few horses, TONS of chickens,roosters,ferril cats,dogs,2 huge parrots,a rabbit,a turtle and a husband ;-)

Her barn is very,very old and is still standing. My brother and I use to play in the barn for HOURS when we were little. Pushing each other on the rope swings ..there were 2..We jumped off of the haystack,built tunnels in the barn threw the hay..before we knew it could be fatal.

We found chicken eggs,swam in a livestock troff, went for walks in the pasture looking for aggots,rode horses,played with the dogs,slept outside,played in the playhouse..which is now filled with chickens! ... played hide-and-go-seek for what seemed hours on end. Rode bikes,painted,watched movies,became obsessed with Nintendo (yes the NES) banged on a piano,played on a computer,had pet mice,looked forward to "going to town"- because its 14 miles north east.. enjoyed all these little things in our life but, it meant so much.

Time flys doesn't it? i'm still young but it seems like i've lived 2 lives over.
The valley out here has small rolling hills,hay,wheat,alfalfa,thousands of cows,thousands of horses,old standing and barely standing barns and houses,the air is pure,the ANNOYING wind turbines have littered this valley...
Good o'l Centerville.....

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