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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Up to good ....good...rather than no good?

ITS HOT! Its Oregon! seriously! I think summer JUST got here!
..I don't mind the sunshine though...just don't like getting sweaty if i'm not working out.
So....I had a fantastic day with my bestie and husband ...
We went thrifting and I was in the mood to find some great Pyrex because i'm a little hooked.. I got rid of a lot of it back in the day and now feel SO very sill for it...
Pyrex visions pink birds and flowers ..score got it 1/2 off! $5.00
So, today I got these...
Pyrex Spring Blossom Crazy Daisy (I don't think the lid goes but..whatever) Score got it for $3.00

Sandalwood Pattern bowl-Score got it 1/2 off at a thrift shop=$3.00

The odd is vintage pyrex but its stamped France instead of the USA possibly flameware? Score got it 1/2 off=$3.00, the daisy bowl has some wear, some of the flowers near to the bottom are fading and I didn't want to hurt the details of the bull. I've struggled with my 1/2 gallon vintage wire ball jar being a PAIN to get my spools out of I had to have this bowl for a measly $3.00 and had the bright idea of "Hey! I can put my thread spools in it!" and it matches the bright colors in my studio (Aka-use to be a dining room! CHECK IT OUT HERE ) stoked..a little excited for such a simple pleasure and idea-I know its not unique but...I LOVE it...
I have a shout out ........................ Nicole from Made by Nicole! ! I LOVE THAT DARN PIN CUSHION I won off your blog a few months back! I use it like its going out of style..which no fear! it will not.. if ya'll ever view my blogs and see will be seen in MANY of them :) Love it so very much..Keep up that talent!

.................... The other little things I found today ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"Baby" wire jars!!! how freakishly cute are these things! I just want to hold them and think of all the possabilities! I stumbled upon a WHOLE BOX of these! but at $1.99 each it would have cost me a pretty penny and well... I don't need 30 of these things! I thought $8 was enough to splurge on these things. They have "Wheaton USA" on the bottom. too cute for words I must say!

I also wanted to add.....
I have been partaking in the fun of Purse Palooza 2012 click on over and  See Sara over at Sewsweetness  for the details- the entry period ends the 11th of only a couple more days! I had made 4 bags for myself, 3 of which are used from the same pattern. A pattern I had created and now..adore! my best friend Aubrey decided she wanted me to make her one too so, we headed to the craft store! and she picked out fabrics from Flea Market Fancy! ................this is what the finished product looked like!

The bag has 3 interior pockets, 1 large exterior pocket, and one full size as the bag zipper pocket on the backside. I decided to use the remmnants and make her a tissue cozy,zip up bag and a key fob for her keys... It was hard forking it over!

This part of Oregon where I live had a Serious Thunderstorm warning...bummed...didn't reach us before it broke up..shcucks! was really looking forward to it..... well anyhooty hoot.... its late...

Have a good night ya'll!

Want to see some wicked cute Pyrex??
Pyrex numms here! Join if you've got some beauties! its fun..and my newest cult addiction
Want to join in on some fun? novice sewers or advanced..
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Want to see what kind of arts I create and sell??
My Etsy Shop: SunshineNellie

Have a great night/morning/day!

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