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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Did you know quilting is a cult ?...

I had a I was walking out of a thrift store after making a fantastic score on a piece of vintage Pyrex ----------------->
1.)  I didn't know there was a large and VAST group of folks out there that LOVE Pyrex as much as I do! I have been collecting the stuff since I was 22 here and there... I didn't relize how amazing the stuff is..I loved it for its wide variety of prints,colors,sizes,shapes and usefulness.. Pyrex is not just for cooking... its a "Shelf statement" or "Trend setting" .My hubbers, brother and I ran all over Portland,Oregon to thrift stores because I was looking for a few items for an up and coming "Spirit" week at work. I just happened to stumble upon that ---------------------------------------------->

2) I pay so much attention and detail to others blogs and photos that I forget just how creative and artistic I am. The fact that I spend at least 1 hour a day reading blogs,browsing flicker and keeping up with others creativities and contests I pick up "habits" and one of them-which has already been a habit from the past that I haven't really had come to surface until recently.. has drug me into a CULT! &&& Laughing at self!!! &&& --------------------------------------------

3) Others-Fabric trends and ideas- sparks ideas and trends within my own studio and fabric is deff. like a pair of cute shoes or nail color... so, I see an awsome quilt, pops of colors and I see patterns in the trends..this drags me in... recently... I began to partake in a few contests/sew alongs/ fun things online via other bloggers pages and ...Purse Palooza has sucked me in! I've made 4 bags for myself and then my best friend decided she wanted one too so... we headed to the fabric store and she fell in love with Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt and the fabric store only had these prints left but..she was in awwww..
I will have better photos to come once i'm actually done. I took the night off after running around Portland which was also after working a full day at work. The bag has a large outer pocket on the front, a large zipper pocked on the bag for the full height and width of the bag. A pocket in the interior one for a pen, one for her IPhone and one for...gum? :)  The bag is a good size and made from the same pattern as all of my other bags I have made for Purse Palooza. 

..................................Thus quilting is a cult..its an addiction..with a fab. group of people of all kinds ..... truely.. The BEST cult EVER! 

With that said....................................................Have a fantastic night! 

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