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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awe Manored..hours are ticking! and here you are writting a blog!

Yes,Yes here I am! writting a blog on a Saturday morning, laying in bed still, drinking coffee, partially ready for my day.Catching up on the News and seeing whats new in the interweb world! (A LOT). Social media has taken over lately..all my time and energy has gone into scrolling,clicking and reading others bloggies and seeing "what up" on Etsy.
This week at work- was spirit week. I had a lot of fun with it! its not all the time you get to wear non professional attire and bright red lipstick or penciled in freckles!
Monday was Sports day-My husband would have helped me out in the dept. as he's a huge sports follower (Another cult! i've been on a cult kick lately HAR HAR!!!!) But, Monday was my day off.
Tuesday was Hat day- I wore a floppy hat I found at the Goodwill for a whopping $2.99.
Wednesday was red white and blue day-I wore a white thin cardigan, red tank, blue jean knee length shorts and my Glitter Toms that I adore. I made a red flower for my hair and put a white vintage button center on it.
Thursday was 50's Day- I think I did pretty darn good this day! Found a pin stripe black and white long poofy shouldred top with an elastic band around my bust-which is SO hard to find that fits right! it buttoned down the front. I wore leggings under this-I felt so reviled but I guess no one could see my tooshie or panty line! :) I wore a white tank under this that went to my tooshie. I updood my hair-no idea what it was called but a photo is at the end of this for ya'll to check it! bright red lipstick,faux eyelashes that were wicked fun! eyeliner drawn out to the corners of my eyes. I also found a pair of cat eye glasses. I wore black flats with this outifit.
Friday was western day- I had help from my auntie for the cowgirl boots (active farmers in my fam!) and a pink plaid button down shirt from my bestie. I wore an elastic banded around the bust long flowy top under that-intentionally clashing patterns here! I wore mens socks that I had sewn lace around the top and a bow on the front for a little femanine feel, I wore my hair in two braids up top, with hankie red bows, and tightly curled the rest of my hair. Light eye makeup and a lovely pink Clinique lipstick. No faux lashes this time around. And I wore blue knee length shorts with this attire.

Today is my "Friday" at work and I only have Sunday off this week due to needing to work Monday for another shindig next weekend. But,it will be nice having 3 days off! so today needs to hurry up once I get to work ;-) and slow down when I get home so I can accomplish my laundry list of things to do!  ..Anyhoot... HAPPY SATURDAY! 


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