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Monday, July 23, 2012

The only things I came home with..

The only things I came home with.. by SunshineNellie
The only things I came home with.., a photo by SunshineNellie on Flickr.

Because I can't figure out how to blog and add in photos from Flicker i'm going to do it this way :)

So over the weekend of the 20th my Mother in law and I went in 50/50 on a two day booth at the Clark County Fair Grounds. The only things I was looking for at this so called Garage sale AKA) Flea Market/Rummage Sale was Pyrex! Pyrex Pyrex Pyrex! I collect the Woodland set and the Crazy Daisy Pyrex. I love the 70's colors..just my thang I guess! (I know i'm not alone on the favorite) This sale had a good 50 booths, one of which was ours but, thats a different post! There was 1....ONE booth that had nearly nothing but pyrex and I had high hopes of that prior to getting there at 7Am Saturday morning. The lady had the basics I find..and only one set of the ones I collect- The crazy daisy.. and she wanted WAY too much for them! $60 for 3 Cinderella bowls..  She said to me "i'll give you a good deal because your a fellow vendor" -we-vendors had to wear bracelets that said so and keep it on for the whole weekend- I passed on that "deal" and went about my bussiness. As I was walking back to our booth I saw the small 750ML woodland bowl ..MINT condition $3.00- Yay for me! and the Crazy Daisy came from another fellow booth that had lovely vintage glass- a lot of milk glasses- I got the Daisy for $4.00. (was 8.00 heck no! I wouldn't have paid that!) So, these are the only things I came home with which is satisfactory because I wasn't looking to spend all the money I had made on Pyrex! :) 


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