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Monday, July 23, 2012

What I read..or attempted!

What I read..or attempted! by SunshineNellie
What I read..or attempted!, a photo by SunshineNellie on Flickr.

During the weekend shindig at the Clark County Fair Grounds in Vancouver/Ridgefield, Washington ..The second day (Sunday) I brought a book to read. The first day I had not brought anything with me other than my goods to sell and my lovely smile ;-) (har har) ... I did REALLY well on my sales.. but, thats another post.. I have been trying to read this book by Emily Giffin for MONTHS now! seriously MONTHS! I bought it because I heard she was an amazing writting and the title Love the one youre with.. stuck out and bit me.. so..for a couple days I was nose first in it..then not so much as other things happned in my life as anyone elses. The book is fantastic! i'd highly suggest purchasing/checking it out (Libary?) it really is an easy read...
However, on Sunday morning.. with 60 degree weather as compared to 78 degree weather the prior day..I kept reading the same page over, and over and over again! seriously.. no joke! The second day was cloudy and folks were out but, my attention span was that of a fruit fly! 

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