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Monday, June 18, 2012

Whats going on in the world of my crafty additions to the space!

What a lovely day I had with my other mum today!
I picked her up at 9am and we headed to Jim and Pattys in Portland,Oregon,
My favorite drink there is the soviet mocha-NUMM! made with sour cream-don't knock it until you've tried it ya'll! Jim and Pattys is the org. Coffee People. After the buy out of Starbucks (boo!) Coffee people no longer....was Coffee People- total bummer! I hadn't lived in Oregon for very long at the time they had released the information that they were going to be selling out and no longer be around... so sad *insert hypothetical tear here* ...................Then about a year husband was crusing the web and saw somthing about "Jim and Pattys, The Org. Coffee People" ..when I saw the photo..BINGO! it was them!!! they had a cafe! I was totally stoked- few days later we drove to get our paws on the goods....and.....its like it should be..all over again... without the drive threw-the treats are still amazing and the coffee still so delish.......... i'm done rambeling!
So, after we had left Jim & Pattys we jolted to IKEA... can you not LOVE IKEA!
I had been pondering how to "cut off" my sewing/craft corner (AKA- use to be our dining room that was never used in our apartment) from the rest of the place...I needed a little space to allow my creativity to flow and our bedroom with a King Sized bed wasn't working so, I did a little research. I began to think I would buy a sound board- to block out the noise- a fake wall to bolt to the ceiling, cubical walls to add a little privacy. Then it donned on me! IKEA! they had the answer!! The key to my "issue"......
A wire "rod" that you hook to the wall or ceiling by two brackets that bend and voila! The only problem was- I wasn't sure how i'd do it. So today, I took the leap. Invested the $12 somthing on the wire rod and another $15 on the curtains to boot... a large savings over the "screen" I would have ended up with that is really..not private at all-and would become a chew toy for my house bunny. We had also browsed- I ended up with a rod and 3 hanging thingy majigs and a $10 as-is rug that matches a fellow grey rug we have from IKEA also-which i'm going to move into my craft area and put the old grey rug back into the living room- The red plays off our red couch too much-clashes!
This is one corner of my area-see the curtain peeking by? Jar full of thread spools ..and of course the cup that reminds me.... :) The new rack with pink "buckets" newly installed today-very clever...those IKEA Designers!

The print of my new curtains- Black and White- Birds sit upon the branches

Messy Yet organized..those blue boxes sitting on the floor have TONS of notion goodness-vintage and other misc. Still trying to figure out a wall for those! and of course, my mess-need to be folded bins of fabric!

A small opening for the walkway to the living room

Kind of a mess still. This is my cutting and computer desk-I working in a small space

I just whipped this up really quick tonight as the boys were watching a movie. I just measured and cut, thats how I like to do things! The linen was a vintage table cloth that had gotten ruined by company so, rather than tossing it I cut it up for a sewing machine cover! The bias tape is vintage- JC Penny & Co.. The floral fabric was a steal at Fabric Depot (Approx $3.00 a yard!) I thought it was wicked cute! The cotton lace was $.25 cents a yard!!!! I bought almost all they had!

Another part of my mess! The chair under my photo box was my Grandfathers, the table is at my waiting to go get it once I have space, for now the chair is all I could take :) It use to have mates but age takes its toll. The set im sure is over 50 years old. All those purses hanging on my poor mani are bags ive made for either The Zakka Style SAL or for Purse Polooza :) poor Mani is getting weighed down..Those resin dolls hidden in various places of my craft area are- Berries & Co- I collect them mess..............
Anyways..just wanted to share!

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