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Monday, June 11, 2012

Purse Polooza..My second bag and I am overjoyed!

This is the second bag that I have sewn up using MY OWN PATTERN AND DESIGN. I sketched my design out on paper after buying my fabric and things I needed to complete it. Might I add I used my first spool of Aurifil Cotton Thread on this and boy! I am wicked happy that I spent the $4.00 for the stuff! sews so well and does not snag. And the color it gives to my bag is amazing! worth each and every penny!
The backside of my bag, Under the lace is a zipper!

Two large inner pockets. One tyes and the backside is the main pockets.

Opened bag of my own design!

few loose threads still but it is what it is! and I am PROUD




Love this color of coral!
So there are a lot of pictures of my second bag for Purse Polooza Being hosted by: Sew Sweetness   There are a lot of good giveaways and fun things to I highly suggest poking on over with your fingertips and seeing some awesome pattern reviews!

I began sewing when I was 8. I use to love making bags and did so for a long time until a Saturday market in 2008 went wrong and I didn't make profit so from that point on  I stopped making bags to sell because I spent a lot of money on the fabrics and ended with nothing gained but a long wet ride home and a lot of doubt in my purse making abilities. I make bags for myself but not for sale anymore. However, this pattern that I have made for myself for the sole purpose of Purse Polooza..I think I may dabble a little and see what I can do. If I have takers then maybe i'll make a few!.
Back in 2009 I didn't know what interfacing was and had no idea that to make a fabric stiff you didn't just use starch! had I known that back then i'd probubly be making bags and not working a full time job! :)
Interfacing now adays is my best friend! I use it in almost all my projects I do and have loads of it on hand in my stash for moments of sewing desire.

This purse I had sewn up over the weekend has a light interfacing because I felt I wanted the bag to be more organic feeling and less "bulky" I also didn't want to add too much weight to the fabric. I have a past right shoulder injury and at times my kneck and shoulder flare and having a heavy purse is no good. I used a light fusible interfacing for this bag. I interfaced all exterior and pocket peices to add a little structure.
Because I used a lighter interfacing the bag is very lightweight and perfect for a "Grab and go" all the time bag. I have larger bags that I adore but during the arm issue I have to pack a lighter bag.
I am a fond "collector" of Fossile Key-per bags- made of canvas and covered to almost be oil cloth in texture. I love them so very much but, they are a little bit heavy because of the canvas..thus..this bag was born. I'm also a bit obsessed with Coral.

well, I hope you love my bag because I sure do!

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