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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Find yourself board? ...

..Sometimes. I get board. and when I get board. I eat,drink or lay around being lazy.
I have a backyard...that just so happens to be a huge park! I found myself taking a little walk yesterday and taking photos of  ducks swimming around in a flooded part of our park. The simple things that are around us make all the difference to some. I am pretty simple. Happiness to me is the simple things. A cup of coffee while listening to music on Pandora Radio. Or folding fabric..........
In which im turning to do right after I put this laptop down..
Folding fabric is soothing for me. Relaxing, so relaxing at times I fall asleep while folding it.
I found the cutest fabric today! and I am so excited to make it into a bag. Either a weekender bag like that from Amy Butler- Check out the pattern review at Sew Sweetness' bloggie It is adorable and I fairly certain i'm IN LOVE! during these times of economic issues for many, many folks going out of town for a night or two is a BIG deal! especially for my husband and I. My husband is a full time, unemployed student finishing up his Bachelors Degree. My family lives over a hundred miles away in Eastern Washington in a ruaral small farming community and his family is spread out all over the United States. His mother is getting ready to make a huge move to the East coast-Boston area and then it will feel a lot more empty.
My family is also spread out all over the place. I have family in Washington,Iowa,California, Idaho, Arkansas,Nebraska and Florida. Needless to say to go see my family it will take a couple hours. So, in this world its going to be a bit harder until my husband finishes up college and our finances will not be so hard as it has been for the past year.
My husband is leaving tomorrow morning to go on a very long road trip to 3 different states with his mother and youngest brother. So, my bed will be very empty for a week and I will be sewing a I hope I get more visits from new folks and you enjoy my up and coming posts!
This...WILL  be a bag!

My finished Zakka Project..hand warmers! :)
...................... :)

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