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Monday, May 28, 2012

Zakka Week 9 Stem Messenger Bag

Well, this weeks Sew along project for the Zakka Style Sew along find all the good info at LRStitched Bloggy was a little challenging for me! Zakka apparently, is all about linen and a lot of good things. Well, im kind of bored with linen only because the stuff gets me so fired up about how annoying it frays and does not do what you want it to unless you starch the bageezes out of it..I decided because Oregon is very wet most of the year and i'm not so tender with my bags..I wanted to make something a little more "sustainable" for my use and torcher it will receive by my busy life style.. So..I went with a Marine Synthetic materiel made from recycled goodness... and my shock! it did not break a single needle!! On the standard machine I use! ..I was so very pleased with that.. but the stuff is hard to sew without it moving and deciding it'd rather head east than west... So.. with a lot of fuss I accomplished the project its a little kaddywhompus in spots is what it is and I made it. I use to be very fond of making handbags when I was younger and I guess I got a bit bored. I will however be taking part in the  Purse Polooza this year and im pretty excited about that, Ive got my materials and my design drawn up and hopefully I can get it done in  a weekend! It is a great feeling accomplished.
So, I knew so little about any kind of spray adhesive for quilting (fabric) and after week 8's Zakka project I am in love... it worked so very well on the vynel! I was stoked! sorry for the junky photo but. The brand I used is "Spray n Bond" basting adhesive. I picked it up at the local Joann and it was normally $14.99 but had a coupon...YAY! (thanks hubby ;-) and its WELL worth it! I don't know what brand you'd use but this stuff is just as good ..I think? I hear the 505 spray is da-bomb.. anyways... I Sprayed the appliques with this goodness and they stuck while and had sewn them down. Goodie Goodie gumdrops! I had only purchased 1/2 a yard of the vynel because the stuff is SPENDY so I thought i was coming up short. I ended up cutting the peice for the flap at the very end of the madness and so to make up for the inch I was off on I used some left over scraps to make a ruffle............................
I had used pinking shears to cut the leafs so the edges will hopefully not fray. As for the ruffle, I came up short on that too (oh golly!) so I cut that fabric in half and carefully had sewn it  to the flap and TADA! 
The outcome is pretty darn tootin' cute....if I do say so myself................

 The strap is peiced toeather with the polka dotted print and the floral print because the vynel was waay to hard to turn it inside out.. The interior is red on the interior flap, and the bag part is orange. The outside wrap around pocket is polka dotted.
you can't iron the vynel or it will melt so the flap is a little kaddywhompus... whew! one project down for the week........................
Have a great day!

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