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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another one bites the dust!

4th bag for Purse Palooza and im IN LOVE with my newest bag..I know I said that about the last too but..hey! whatever! I found the main fabric at Craft Warehouse-they have some amazing deals on clearance fat folds and I was just walking by- no intention of buying this fabric-but..I couldn't live without it! something about it was just calling me .. This is my OWN pattern! I designed it myself- I have a photographic memory and at times of restlessness while laying in bed I think of the oddest things and this-was one- I began drawing my pattern,what I wanted it to look like, so I could visualize it and the next day I steam pressed some cut out wax paper and started cutting away! my first bag was a little tricky because I forgot a key element-make the back panel longer so the folded over parts to make the zipper wouldn't shorten the bag. I forgot to sew down a flap over the backside zipper and didn't use the right kind of interfacing-I had in all intentions to make a light weight bag anyways because I have shoulder pain now and then from a past work related injury. - I don't suggest tearing a muscle- its the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced- im not yet a mom so, I don't know what child birth is like.

Back on my subject- so, this is my 3rd version of my pattern, I shortned the front pocket, added an elastic loop and button closure to keep goodies in the pocket secure(er) and didn't add an inner zipper pocket-because I didn't need it. I didn't add bias tape or any frills on the backside where the turquoise zipper is located- because I didn't want this bag frilly- just simple and bright! and that it is! I used Michael miller ta-dot (mustard) orange for the lining of the outside pocket, some patchwork on the adjustable strap and the outer flap. I used another dot (Michael miller too I think) in almost a coral for patchwork on the straps and the flap. I used a Riley Blake green button on the front of the bag-I wanted a "goddy" large statement button to be featured on the front to add more of a "POP" to the bag..did you know the Riley Blake is the husband and wife teams names of there children? Riley and Blake..had no idea- quilters/sewers are seriously the coolest group of people EVER! ;-) (I know im awesome! ) I used a really thick interfacing (fused) to ALL pieces of this bag except the two interior. Talk about pain in the arse to turn the bag right side out! I used fushia bias tape for the pink detailing and machined bias tape to the inner folds of the fabric to add a more finished look. I used a Kona cotton for the interior layers (light blue) I used fused fleece for the lining of my adjustable strap. I cut out peices of the main fabric to applique to the inner flap of the bag and to the inner pocket. And of course I used a turquoise Zip It Zipper!  Hope I didn't leave anything out!

^^^^The first version-inner-see how "flimsy" it looks?

-------------------> the backside, the zipper is hiding under that lace. 

And for some reason or another, I don't have photos of the front and right now, my feet hurt too bad to go take another photo :) there we have it!

.......Next project- This weeks project for the Zakka Style Sew Along!

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