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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sew me a song!

Its been too long since I last here it goes..first of all...every morning before work while sipping a mug of joe and going threw emails, checking my Etsy Shop Sunshine Nellie and keeping up with my family on facebook I really enjoy reading others blogs because well, it makes me feel swell to know other creative minds are having a blast with thread and needles out there in the world!!! ....
I came across a new bloggy and I might say...I think i'll be hooked.. BearPaw's Blog Click Here they are having a huge spectacular awsome goodness wholesome giveaway for there launch and you MUST check it out! it excited me to win new delicate things...I don't know what silly gal or girl wouldn't want that!!!

So, in the life of Silly Nellie here.....
I started my Zakka Block quilt on Sunday of this past week and well...I have never made a quilt before and im pretty stoked about how it turned out... too excited I must say..the backing is not perfect BUT its my first and it takes A LOT for me to stop hault on somthing so sweet and fresh....
So, how about that fashion shoot?? I covred my wire maniquine in the fabric I had used other than the solids, a green moda-flew from my mind the name and color, and a grey kona and red kona... i'm kind of addicted to this line. I bought it from Moona Fabrics I had a special request from a gal threw my etsy shop that wanted a polka dot case and well, I made a boo boo and didn't have enough to finish it, and luckily the last site online had it!!! a whopping .25 yard!! so..I gobbled that up and the lovely lady sent me an email the next day saying they had one last fat quarter bundle of Summer Time by Barbara Jones of QuiltSoup For Henry Glass &Co and I had to get my paws on it!!! ... so a few days later..TADA! and I didn't know what to do with the bundle other than caress it sweetly... and then this project came up, I had org. cut out some squares of Michaell Miller Mushrooms and ended up not liking it so much.... so... voila!
I have also recently discovred that I can have the Instagram App on my phone've been obsessed with taking photos with the app and couldn't resist on my dimly lit house that the apps features were perfect for making my photo brighter..sorry for the crummy crum photo quality.... anyhoot..ive got to hurry and scurry to work! Good day!


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