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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sundays........ My fav. Day of the week!

.................Because its my first day off!
Today after a run around with the Bestie and Hubby again :) we came home and I warmed up the sewing machine and had "thrown" together a few new pouches for my Etsy Shop because I feel as if I don't "accomplish" somthing for my shop everyday on my weekend which is Sundays and Mondays, I feel as if I hadn't done anything eventful! Sewing is my hobby, along with other arts. Arts make me happy and so does feeling accomplish as the next person.
So, I had pulled from my stash the other day and vowed to create new goodies from the pretties. This is what I have sewn today.........
Including cutting fabric for a few other treats I will be sewing tomarrow after the daily run around. These cases are padded and have inner coordinating fabrics that go along with this line From Moda, Central Park.
I think i'm in love with the tree prints! and I hadn't wanted to use them because they were just so sweet! I think using these fabrics for pouches are perfect. Maybe i'll make a kindle/nook case too and see if many folks like it.
These pouches are cheap and in my Shop cheap because I don't feel that I should charge and arm and a leg for something so simple. My shop supports my desire to craft,create and relaxation, its cheaper than a shrink and I don't have someone trying to jab a pill down my throat (har har ) so......... support the habit! :)
I made these yesterday.......

Welp, anyhoot... time for some bloggy reads then off to bed!
Have a happy week!

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  1. Lovely pouches! You do such a nice job. I'm impressed.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad not the only one who got a little quarrelsome with the mini-pencil case.