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Monday, May 14, 2012

Dabbeling in driving,arts and well..

I have not blogged for a while! whew!
So, Yesterday being Mothers Day of 2012 I planned a very LONG exstensive day with my mum. I drove nearly 2 hours at 5AM to go pick her up from her small rual, farming town she lives in, in Eastern Washington (Goldendale,WA) Brought her back down to Portland,Oregon. I did not tell her where we were going, what we were doing or what to expect but, I had things planned!
So.. our day started off by simply picking her up at 7Am and driving back to Portland. At 9am we ate breakfast at Elmers which, was slam packed! drove to bath and body works, ran home, picked up my brother Dustin and got on the freeway for our first destination since Breakfast on my list.
We boarded MAX (train) and went into down town Portland. We are lunch at an Egyptian food cart (I LOVE the food carts in Portland!) we all had chicken Gyros..NUMMO!!!
 My mum knew where we were going, I think...
We went to the open air portland market and browsed. My mum bought a pair of green shell earrings. From there we hopped MAX and went to Mio Gelato (no longer Mio) had Gelato across the street from Powells Books. (On burnside!) and then walked to Starbucks Reserve (also a wine bar) and got a couple happy hour frapps. I got my mum her first Affagato Style Caramel die for! ... we then walked 23 City blocks to Kens Artisan Bakery, I picked up a few French Macrons.. (a naughty indulgence) we then walked back down towards Everett to Powells Books. Browsed the isles for just a little bit and headed back towards MAX. By this time it was approx 3:30pm.. we got into downtown at roughly 12PM. It seemed as if we hadn't been there long but, by my husbands blisters on his feet and my charlie horses I was getting in my legs... we had been walking a lot. Not to mention it was nearly 90*F and muggy!
From MAX we picked my car up at Lloyd Center Mall and headed back towards Gresham,Oregon.
We then went to McMinamins- Edgfield- one of my husbands,brother dustin and I's Favorite places to wine and dine. My mum hadn't ever been so it being Mothers day and all...and I wasn't about ready to be done with the evening at only now 430PM. We had to wait to be seated for approx half an hour.
I had a Ruby fav. Ale! my mum had soda, the boys had there fav. Brews also brewed at Edgfield.
We had been at Edgfield for approx 2 hours because by the time we had left it was 7Pm. We then ran home, picked up my mums things and got onto I-84 East to take her home. By the time we had gotten to Goldendale I was exhausted! I had been up since 4am and had to drive home again for the second time in 20 hours. We left Goldendale at approx 1130PM after visiting a bit with my aunt and uncles.
And this is when the evening gets scary...................
Driving with only a few hours of sleep and being up for over 20 hours is so dangerous I had a real wake up call LITTERELTY last night while driving home threw The Gorge, I want everyone to know that driving sleep deprived is just as dangerous as driving with a couple drinks in you (which I have NEVER EVER done) and I hope that you all think before you do it. Last night after dropping my mom off in Goldendale after a fantastic fun filled day, I felt just fine to make the almost 2 hour drive back home to Gresham for the second time in 20 hours. I had picked my mom up at 7am and took her back home after running all over down town Portland for 8 hours and walking many miles up and down hills in the heat, least to say I was pooped. I was fine until we got to The Dalles and I felt my eyes get extremely heavy, each time a Rest stop would come up i'd say "oh im fine, i'll keep going were almost home" I had two sleeping boys in the car with me, my husband and my brother Dustin. I didn't want to stop because they were sleeping and I wanted to be in my own bed too. By the time we got to Hood River I had to roll my windows down completely, wake them up abruptly and turn on my AC and stick my hand out the window. I had the experience of falling asleep at the wheel, going 60MPH down I-84 West and luckily caught myself, when my chin hit my chest and I jolted my head up and did not panic. This was VERY VERY terrifying for me!!! I want you all to know how SERIOUS it is to NEVER EVER drive exhausted like this and please never drive drunk!! I could have killed us all last night! something i'll NEVER do again! I should have slept for a couple hours like my family had suggested because they were worried about me. so please THINK TWICE BEFORE DRIVING VERY SLEEPY

So Please.... be aware that things like this can be fatal! dont take chances!  

  On a happier note I have finished my week 6 project for the Zakka Style sew along...........

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