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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zakka Zakka Zakka!

After beginning the Zakka Sew Along with the Zakka Style Book Compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale 24 projects stitched with ease to give,use & enjoy.... I am addicted! So many fun projects! 
zakka style sew along
 I had a lot of fun sewing this Zig Zag Tote for week 1. Week 1 came during Easter and well, many folks enjoy the holidays with there families and I was over a hundred miles away from home to completed the tote in time for the link up. I finished it the next day and this was my outcome. The zig zag doesn't have pointed peaks like they should but, I think my color variations and the fact I used a colored linen was fun!

 The house pouch to the right was really fun too! I used a (hard to see in the photo) cotton fabric that looks lacy and femanine for the roof. I followed the directions fairly close other than adding long stems and leafes to the flowers and adding a welcome wooden door sign that says "Welcome The Raichels" to make this house more personal! The interior is light blue with a white floral pattern. I used a lighter than "normal" linen for the main body of this pouch. I think I will take this lovely with me when we go on trips for my sewing goodies!

The Zakka Pincushion was week 3's project. 
I followed the directions again fairly close, adding my own flair to the project. The pin cushion on the left didn't turn out as I had wanted to. So, I made a second. The pin cushion on the right I think came out very sweet. I pieced together 1 inch squares to add a little quilt action to it, something that i've very new at still! I have not made a large quilt, I think the biggest quilt I've made was my mug rug! :)
For week 4 the above photo is of my version of the sewing kit. I used an almost duck canvas for the exterior and a summertime print for the interior. I hand stamped pink flowers on the exterior and two black flowers on the interior. This was a fun project, fairly simple to create and something i'll use on the go! I normally take sewing projects with me to work if I know my lunch time will be boring.  For week 5 i'm done I just need to perfect it a little and then i'll be posting that boogar tomarrow for the link up :)!

Now, for the rest of the day.....................
Yesterday I had been browsing threw a Craft Warehouse ad (my fav. close by store for fabric) from the paper and saw a new book.... I <3 Patchwork, 21 irresistible zakka projects to sew by Rashida Coleman-hale. It was on sale! I had to snatch one up! I phoned craft warehouse, spoke to a woman in the quilting department and found out they didn't have any! :( I was bummed! So, the lovely sweet lady, as they always are! said "we will give you a call when we find one or it comes in, it looks like we only have 2! just somewhere!" so within an hour I received a phone call... "we found you a book!" I was so excited "I said, "oh thank you so much for calling me back! I am excited, I will come get it right after work" which...I did..... 
This book is very cute! the projects just as sweet as the compiled Zakka Style book... I highly suggest it! 
Maybe there will be a sew-along for this one too??? 

Happy Sewing!

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