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Thursday, April 26, 2012

This isn't Folgers in my cup!

5 days a week I work as most folks do. I however, probably like many, Decide that getting up almost 3 hours prior to needing to be at work is a fantastic idea.
This morning I woke up with a massive migraine. Sometimes I wake up with those things and feel just awful!
So, I got up and hopped in the shower. Then began my morning routine. Hair,Makeup, Etc.
My husband makes me a fresh pot of coffee every morning. I don't drink Folgers by the way, just thought it was catchy! I drink Geravallia. Any-hoot....
I normally pick out my outfit and then move on into my studio and cruise the internet for about an hour, then get dressed and head out the door.
This morning as I began the ritual after my hair and makeup, I walked into the living room and let my house rabbit out of her kennel so she could stretch her legs, as I do every morning.
She hops out of her Timothy Hay bed (that is well kept in a large kitty litter box) and stretched, yawned and then started running around the house like she normally does.
Rather than being quit with her run she was thumping around making a lot of noise!
She ran around the living room, under our futon couch, out from under neath it, into my studio, around and down the hall, then back into the living room. I look over and say "you think you can be any quieter?????" then she began running again, then ran down the hall and oopsie! I forgot to close our bedroom door. SO then I hear her run into my bedroom, she probably jumped up onto the bed where my husband is sleeping, then off again. She has an obsession with our closet. She will go into our closet and just lay down.. like she's now a piece of the carpet.
I go in there and whisper, im sure loudly and say "GET OUT OF HERE MISSY!" she gives me a look like "I am not doing anything wrong, I don't know what your talking about, I'm quit, your the loud one!" (I make up words for her often,yes I do realize rabbits can not speak human) Then instead of hopping out quietly, she darts down the hall as if my brother is chasing her-which is a normal game between them, he thinks she loves getting chased..and i'm beginning to think she does...
I chase her now and then in a slow run and stomp my feet a little, she wiggles her butt, throws it into the air and does this head, and ear thing where is like shes throwing long waves of hair back, its really ridiculous! but so cute...
So, I go into the kitchen to make my lunch for my day. I made Pineapple sesame teriyaki chick breast strips in the oven, I then cool it down and put it over a 4 green salad and top it off with sesame dressing for my lunch. YUMO!
I look over the counter and oh...who's sitting there on her hind legs with her paws to her chest looking at me with her big beautiful brown eyes... Gypsee... this is her routine of "Mom, give me a Carrot NOW!"
So.. i shred off the icky outsides and hand it to her, she grabs it in her teeth and runs off which again, looks ridiculous because the carrot is partially dragging on the floor and in her mouth.Gypsee weighs 13 pounds..shes a big girl and VERY healthy at that.

So, now that I have been done making my lunch and sitting in my studio shes laying under my ironing board around the corner and when I get up to do anything, top off my coffee or see if my husband is awake yet..she's staring at me like 'excuse me sit down now!' like she's the boss....

However, she does kind of own me!

She even has the red eye thing down perfectly! One of her fun things to do is rip up paper so, our recycled paper or boxes normally goes to her first... confidential documents needing to be shredded? no prob, shes got my back!

Have a great morning ya'll!

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