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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Promising yet not eventful

Today was interesting.
I woke up at my normal "Day off time" of 9am and the hubby and I got out the door at about 10:15Am to run errands. I had wanted to complete a few projects today and get maybe a few things in my shop that are new. Since taking a long break from my Etsy shop SpunkyChildDesign I pondered at either shutting it down completely because it was taking up all the free time I had after working an already full time job, or just taking a long break. So in the end, the long break and a 10 day vacation from work really helped. So for the first few items I had created since my nearly 2 months from my Etsy shop I listed them and then sold 4 items within those 48 hours which was and always is, thrilling.
Today I thought I wanted to make a few clutches- I fly by the seat of my pants normally when I create things that are from my imagination and not from someone elses pattern that ive been able to recreate with there permission and all rights given to them in my Etsy listings. I decided I would just start on something for my mother for her Mothers Day gift, which I cut and got things together and then decided not to start on it yet until I had more energy.
So, 2 sugar free Rockstars later its almost Monday and...well....
this is what i've done today............
I have been accumulating a lot of scraps since I started sewing again about 6 months ago and I have been wanting to make something out of them. I had began to make a lap quilt and then stopped doing that because it was just awkward and kind of annoying. So, I first cut out 3x3 squares and sewn them togeather then cut them again in 1 1/2 inch rectangles and these little pretties were born. I even ran to the Dollar Tree to get a pretty mug :) I am now thinking with the rest of my scraps and maybe even more, I will make a few of these and put them in my Etsy shop for fun! Because...who needs a pile of these laying around? I already have one I made myself during 2nd week of the Zakka Sew Along!

Good night!

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