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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Since when did I start waking awake?

I lay in bed for about an hour, toss and turn thinking that my mind and body will let me go back to bed at 5am because, im on vacation, I don't need to be anywhere but home, I can sleep in a biggie.. well apparently my body and mind have another job for me today because at this minute of 6:02Am i'm wide awake as i'll ever be today!
BAH! bad bad bad shame on you inner clock making me wake.... so... well fine.. i'm awake.
I walk out to the living room, open the backdoor for some fresh air, open the window in my studio... because its still a tad dim outside all I can see is the outline of the tree in front of my window. The air is refreshing and wakes me even more (joy). I let Gypsee out of her kennel (I call her Box) she scurry's out and go finds a place to hide and lay down so she too can wake.
I don't work today, this is my last day of my 10 day vacation...and i'm up at 5am.... Before my Brother has even woke for work... this is confusing but lightly...refreshing. Better to be up before the other birds to get my metaphorical worm right?
So here is a lovely photo of this morning........
Sometimes, I really dislike these trees. Other days I appreciate them, they give us a lot of shade on our 2nd story apt. home when its warm outside during the Summer. I have a few birds and squirrels that like to hang out in these trees. I have one blue jay, I dub Henry and a Robin I dubbed Scarlet and a squirrel I haven't really taken to since the day he invited himself in....
The fresh air and cool chill of this breeze I have goin' on threw my window is pretty wonderful!

On today's Agenda................  Finish Week 5's project in Zakka Style

 <a href="" title="IMAG0121.jpg by spunkychilddesign, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="299" alt="IMAG0121.jpg"></a>

maybe some housecleaning, just the usual.... on........................................................

Oh Dear..this is going to be a long day!

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