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Monday, March 26, 2012

Gypsee the one...the only...fluffy cotton tail...

Gypsee The house rabbit head first into her food
I thought i would write a little about Gypsee because she is too cuddly and sweet. I will be writing a lot about her in my blogs also. She tends to get in the mix of things as i'm in my craft corner or on the floor putting something together.
   The Story of Gypsee...................
Back in 2009 I had wanted to get a pet. I grew up with many animals and wanted a pet of my own. I had adopted a dog from the Oregon Humane Society after my dad had passed in 2004 because people had told me that animals help heal and calm the nerves. In 2009 I began to do a little research. People told me that rabbits are easily potty trained and are great house pets. Thus, I had gotten onto the internet and went to OHS website and....there were many rabbits to choose from. So, a day or two later I went to OHS in Portland,Oregon and visited the wascally wabbits they had up for adoption. The adoption fee's  were cheap $35. Not only was the adoption easy and afordable but, I knew I would be helping an animal have a second chance while she is helping me laugh and be merry.
I held many rabbits both males and females, I was covered in hair and the last one I held was Gypsee. (Her given name from OHS) She was a rescue bunny from Tacoma,Washington. A shelter in Tacoma had flood severely in a storm and they had to move out there animals in order to clean the shelter up. Thus Gypsee was brought to OHS. Her age was estimated at 3-5 years old, already house broken. Rabbits life expectancy depending on breeds is up to 15 years if not longer. Gypsee weighed in at about 10Lbs. She is what I like to call "A mutt" she is assumed to be an American Dwarf Lop mix. She has a white underbelly and tail. Her main color is brindle. Her hair is semi short yet, shes fluffy. I held Gypsee and fell in love! I sat  her on the floor to see what she would do, the others that I held attempted to attack other rabbits in the kennels. She hopped around and sniffed. I fell in love............ I couldn't take Gypsee home that day because she was set to be spayed the next day. One of the perks to adoption and the fact that spaying your animal decreases more babies being born into a world without caretakers. I was a bit bummed but, so excited I came back the next day and the person in the small animals room said they had made a mistake and she had already been spayed at the other shelter in Washington. Whoops! on there part. But, she was fine and I had gotten to take her home! I had purchased her a kennel that was large enough for a middle sized dog and filled a cats litter box with Timothy Hay, bought her toys,healthy treats, a large water bottle and  a separate litter box for her to go potty in that was outside her kennel.
The ride home was upsetting for her. As rabbits get stressed they tend to loose hair. I was coated by the time we got home. I let her out and she sniffed the carpet and bounced around. I was head over heels for this little fuzzy butt.
......................... 3 years later ...she's healthy and SPOILED! we have lived in 2 different homes than the first and I kept her given name Gypsee from OHS. She now weighs about 13lbs. She gets fed fresh veggies regularly. She does not like to be held still but, that's okay. Just seeing her dart down the hall and run away from my brother as he tells her to "get out of here!" from his Room makes up for the bit of the anti-social pill characteristics. I call her "baby bunny" or "bb" often. her ears perk up and she gets a funny look on her face. If I lay down on the floor with her and wait patiently she will come hopping over to me. Gypsee sleeps in her kennel and is supervised when out and about as she needs exercise. My husband adores her as much as she loves him.
The usual bump on the floor. She likes to watch her people.
So, that is Gypsee. I'm sure i'll write more about her later on in my blogs :) 

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