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Monday, March 26, 2012

My studio use to be a Dining Room....

The madness begins! 10...9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..........

So, as you can see from the photo. This is clearly a small space! not as small as some other fellow crafter's rooms. I have seen rooms from laundry rooms to closets! High fives goes out to those folks! So (sorry, say this a lot in posts of all sorts) I was FED UP with the unorganized clutter I called my "new and improved craft area! My husband and brother call it "The corner" both in an evil aspect of what this craft corner is to them... "she can't hear us when shes "in their!" or..."the space i'm taking form them" which might I add, we hadn't used for the first few months we had moved in as normally our meals are at odd hours as we had all been working random hours when we first moved in a year ago in April 2011. THUS... on a cool evening my husband found me a table (the one in the left of the photo) off Craigslist (gotta love CL!) and we brought it home..then my craft corner turned into ...this..... an unorganized mess of chaos and mixed medias..thread all over the floor, things taped to the wall..future projects shoved into corners. Random articles and objects shoved and stuffed into corners to keep them out of the walking area and miscellaneous needles and pins basically, shoved into the floor...which is carpet (YULK!) not the ideal space for a craft room but, it has to work and I had to make it work. After several attempts and organizing, cleaning, huffing and puffing, frustration and purchasing of many containers and finding free items off CL I decided ...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I was done, over it, had to move on!
So, as I was at work (I am an activities assistant at a RCF... LOVE CRAFTS) I text my husband "we need to move the cabenet out of the craft corner and I need to get that space cleaned and rearranged! I can't take it anymore!" so with that relief and text I came home and my husband helped me move furniture about 20 times still was not good enough. That ugly brown shelf was second hand via a neighbor that moved out and di not want it. It is sturdy, well built, sold I thought i'd make it work. The backwards "c" hanging on the wall is a cabinet I got at Ikea for a measly $10.00 in the "last chance" section..WOOT WOOT .. I hide little objects-glues,pins,magnet rolls, my business cards etc in that bad boy..and its magnetic so...this creates a new fun place to stick magnets and create new which i've yet to do (sorry babbling).
I had gone work the next day, (I have a set schedule but, its not M-F) and finished the day out, came home and started to clean like a mad woman! I have no children thus, I had gotten A LOT done! I was so proud of myself. I though that the space looked better and was going to work out just fine.... well...I began cleaning it again and well... this is what I had came up with...
So, okay you have to admit, its still a bit unorganized but..its better am I right? So, now our dining room table is shoved into the far right corner of the dining room aka)Craft corner and things are rearranged a bit, the pantry has been moved out of the dining room and now rests next to our balcony door in front of my sewing desk. As not really pictured left hand bottom corner. Well, I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned things out then I had a wild cover that UGLY BROWN MONSTER ..... I made a white curtain from a re-purposed piece of fabric a family member gave me (it had been about 5 yards worth..YAY! perfect for this project! ... and nailed a curtain rod into that book case thingy ma jig... so now..I had ended up with this..    I had also made a roll holder for my paper rolls that I sometimes use to ship my specialty boxes. .. NOW THIS looks so much better right? I had organized things much better. Note: Balls jars in the window... <3 them! I kind of collect them..few weeks ago hubby and I took a vacation to the coast for a weekend (which was delightful) and we had went into a small whoop-d-town (as I like to call small towns) and found a blue gallon atlas fruit jar (not Ball I know!) and a 1 gallon clear ball wire jar.. I was so excited! .... so, 7pm rolls around tonight and this just does not seem I created something else to apply to these "curtains" I also had made another roll holder set for my random types of interfacing I use in items on Etsy (  IM IN LOVE! I had created a space that I now feel so much more comfortable and relaxed in, which is fantastic! I enjoy crafting of many different forms and now..this area/corner of our apartment is so much more personal! I had also moved my Christmas Cactus into my corner because it is a plant of many meanings that I LOVE and I see so many others rooms with plants so, ive now joined that club! Go me! ..... Here are more photos of my accomplishment on my day off.   The view from my main table ...and the many ball jars... I posses MANY more than photoed. They all have a purpose to hold items. I hope you had some fun reading this blog. Its fun to write. If you have questions... go ahead and comment.

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