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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finally got around to trying a DIY foot soak off Pinterest.. My version

I saw a pin floating around Pinterest for a foot soak using mouthwash,vinegar and water.
My feet have been aching and needed to be pampered on my one day off.
I hate salon prices when I have all the tools I need at home. Not to mention the abundance of nailpolish to boot!
So, here is the version that WORKS! I started out using the version on pinterest but, the version on pinterest is not enough fluid to cover even a foot and not detailed enough for max. results. (My opinon)

Gather your supplies:
Antiseptic mouth wash
Clean dry towel you wont mind possibly staining.(from the dye in the mouthwash)

LARGE bowl or even a plastic storage container-big enough for both your feet but not so big the ingredients dont fill it enough.

1) Vinegar and Antiseptic Mouthwash (It does NOT need to be brand name!) The higher the acidity in the vinegar the better. I just so happen to have "Pickle perfect" because it is a 5% acidity and I use it for cleaning around the house.


2) IF you have this Pedro Callus Stone by tweezerman (its double sided one smooth one rough) USE IT! OR, I highly recommend the investment. It is $15-$20 and it lasts forever. I've had this thing for over 4 years now. You can use it wet or dry. Or a pedi egg works fine.

3)Nail clippers,Cuticle clippers if you know how to use them-you can end up with infected cuticles,metal nail file with pointed tip, and a measuring cup.

Now lets begin!
-Run tap water to as hot as you can handle.
-Measure out 2 cups Antiseptic and 2 cups vinegar pour in bowl. Then add 6 cups of to the hottest bearable temp of water.
-Soak you feet for 30 minutes. I played on my phone for this step.
-One by one, leave the other foot in the bowl, with your foot wet, use a foot file to remove dead skin off your feet. My feet are calluced on the heels primarily. The foot file removes the build up. Lets face it, its a fact of life for some.
- Then wipe the removed skin off with a clean dry towel. Then put your foot back into the water. Then work on the other. Then go back to the first foot you started with and push your cuticles back, clip and file. Clean from underneath and the corners.Dry your feet one last time. Paint your nails if you'd like..

Tada! fresh feet!

My feet are tingling from the soak and it feels so good! (Thanks to Mentholatum!) My feet are clearly smoother and Gross: there was dead skin in the bowl! I soaked my feet all for about 45 minutes. 

Did you know: Vinegar has anti-bacterial properties and is a fantastic soak with water alone for ingrown toe nails? yep,true! and SO cheap!

Note: Not a paid post by any company including Tweezerman, I just LOVE There products and it is the sole opinion of me and my preference.

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