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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I beat the heat by sewing and getting ahead!

It has been so hot in the Portland area for a little over a week. Finally! A cool break! the 4th consisted of me sewing all night until the husband got home from work and watching others shoot illegal fireworks in our park. 90+ heat=yuck=humid.. so..I got ahead on the Zakka 2.0 SAL.

I have been participating in the Zakka 2.0 Patchwork Please SAL over at
LR Stiched right now most of everyone is finishing up their week 5's Placemat.
Here is mine:

My binding is not to swell. We were supposed to,according to the directions. Fold over the back of the fabric to create your bias..well...I have a hard time following everything to a T...
I am using my mat as a computer mat under my laptop riser/Mouse pad. It is working pretty well  I think..

Week 6 is
A Yum-Yum Apple Bib .... My husband and I do not have children (yet) so, i'll be storing this one too...

I randomly chose my fabrics. I was going to do a unisex color scheme but I really love the colors of orange with the grey polka dots. Thanks to Flickr image changer I changed the colors to be more vivid.
I went with a babyville snap instead of velcro.

Week 7 is:
Dino-Mite Hate.
I didn't want to use wool because its spendy and again, trying to use my supplies I have on hand. However, I only had white, I spent the $4 (with coupon) for a yard to felt at Joanns Fabrics. The felt is just as thick as wool and much cheaper. Looks and feels the same to me too. I went with a unisex color scheme because,I didn't know who I was going to give this to.. I gave it to my bestest gals son.

Week 8 is:

Books-for-Baby Quilt.
This photo is when I was running some stitches down the rows to keep the backing and batting held together. I have had issues using spray adhesive, It challenges me I opted no to use it this time around.

Again, no baby so, this will be stored for the future :)

I was not going to make any of the children items only because I do not have children (yet) but I wanted to be able to sew threw the book like I had last year. I am looking forward now to week 9's My Scrappy Box.
I had purchased some scraps -Kawaii scraps- From  Pink Owel Fabrics On Etsy   whom is a fellow Oregonian. Specifically for the small projects in this book. Her fabrics are fun and imported .. perfect for this SAL.

So............... anyhoot.. I hope you all are having fun sewing along. I know im ahead by a few weeks-only in preparation of a new job and a vacation weekend. 


  1. You've been quite the busy bee...all looking very nice!!! You will be glad you made the baby items..someday :)

    1. Thanks! I look forward to being a mom someday. My husband will be a terrific Father. He just glows with children. Natural or Adopt we will be parents :)