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Monday, July 23, 2012

The 2nd Day table Table view..

The 2nd Day table Table view.. by SunshineNellie
The 2nd Day table Table view.., a photo by SunshineNellie on Flickr.

The 2nd day.. The first day I had sold A LOT and actually had to make more product when I got home that night. If you didn't read about day 1, this is day 2 of a rummage/flea market sale my mother in law and I went 50/50 on. I sold my handmade goods and she sold her rummage she had collcted over the years- shes getting ready to move clear across the country to Boston. I was very pleased with the outcome of the sale for my table. I had worked really hard on getting everything labled clearly and figuring out how I wanted to show my products. I figured out what i'd say and how i'd respond to questions was a success! I didn't take many photos because I was too busy with potential buyers but I thought the basic idea of what my table looked like was good enough! And I was trying to conserve my battery life on my phone since i'm social media happy about blogging,reading and posting things on facebook ;-) This day was very cool compared the Saturday! I was FROZEN for most the time! I had a blanket and all. Many ladies that looked at my things told me I was a very gifted seemstress/crafter and that brought a lot of joy to me. I had my doubts and was loosing confidance in my things because there is such a larger market for handmade things now you are truely compeating with others and sometimes things just are better than yours. I try to make things that are different. Weather they are different in quality or the idea. I try to upcycle things as much as i can. My mug rugs are made from scraps from prior projects. I normally start when products because I need them before the thought of ever entering them into my Etsy shop. If I need somthing. I make it and then if I feel I can make more and feel confident in them I make more and then post them on my Etsy shop Sunshine Nellie   I had one lovely lady approach my table and fell automatically in LOVE with my handmade items. I was taken back that someone could love them as much as I did! she bought at least 10 things and praised me on my abilities. I had even received an e-mail from a lady on Sunday as I was seating in my camping chair, my phone dinged. The email had read something similar to "I am thrilled with all of my things I bought from your booth yesterday and your booth and one other was the only ones worth buying from, I will continue visiting your shop" I was THRILLED overjoyed and my care in making these things really has payed off in more than just the usual way!   It was a low 62 Degrees on Sunday and I froze! No sunburn on top of my sunburn though!

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