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Monday, July 23, 2012

1st Day before the sale started

1st Day before the sale started by SunshineNellie
1st Day before the sale started, a photo by SunshineNellie on Flickr

This is Day 1- Saturday of the flea/rummage sale! 

I was really excited to finally show my handmade items and hopefully sell them to others. I was scared,nervous and a little anxious to see what would happen. I put the bar very low and didn't expect everything to sell because I didn't want to get my hopes up and then be heart broken. I sat back in the fold out,uncomfortable camping chair and walked people "lookieloos" and walk by with a few stopping..I just people watched. My first sale was a Pin and Needle keep book  I was excited I was richer! :) With a smile and a "Thank you very much!" she was on her way. A few minutes later  I sold a Pocket Pack Tissue Cozy and then came a swarm of people into our 10x16 booth! I was excited! one after another came in, touched,looked,bought and said "thank you!" I kept getting up to move my things around and make sure everything looked great! I got so many compliments it really boosted my ability and confidence! Day 1  Didn't have a pop up canopy for my use. I also was in the wide and open heat/sunshine and got an awesome painful sunburn! I made about 30 sales the 1st day. My first sale was 15 minutes after the gate had opened. It was a success day 1.

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