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Monday, April 16, 2012

Vacay allows so much more down time!

A much needed vacation from work. A staycation in actuality. I needed it badly.  I have worked at my current employers for 2 years now and when I get a long break....its always so needed.
I have been partaking in the Zakka Sew along, Zakka Style Compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale, 24 projects stitched with Ease to Give,Use & Enjoy. I have been sewing these projects for going onto 3 weeks now. They all are fun to create and most of  soothing as I am in my own "little world" when I begin to create.
Yesterday was an end of week 2. I had sewn with directions from the book a house pouch.
It was really fun to sew up!.
This weeks is a Pin cushion........................

I made the first one on the left first...I didn't like how it had turned out so I made the one on the right and linked up to show off my works in the Zakka Sew Along on
Its got a lot going on but........sure is cute huh?!
Today I finished the week 4 project also as ...I'm on vacay :) .... its TOO adorable! once the week has ended i'll show that lil' lady off also..but until then..... its a secret..

Good Day! Cross your fingers for Oregon Sunshine hopefully in the next few days... I returned my bike and had gotten a new one today as the one I had just purchased was faulty... and it was $20 cheaper than 2 days ago..YAY!

Happy Trails!

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  1. I really love how you did some piecing on the second one. Brilliant adjustment to the pattern.

    Your house pouch is adorable too - I was too intimidated to take a crack at it.