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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The duty of an optomistic,positive and willing soul

Because I can.
 I find myself doing a lot these days. Sewing working 60+ hour work weeks and slacking in my personal life. In really dislike not being able to get up at my usual time of 8am and going about my day until I go to work just a few hours later. I had a good habit for a while getting up much earlier and really getting a good start on my day. As I am currently unable to post pretty photos here, it will be text only. I don't quit know how to use my tablet still.
I like to help out as much as possible. At times I bite off more than I can chew. - over achiever- I am a "legal drug dealer" is what I call myself. I am an MA. I like to pick up shifts because isn't that what adults with no children do? Work a bunch? It is the summer and my co-workers have asked for vacations (awe man!) *snickered* so, I've picked up days. I myself, had just had a vacation for 8 days which, was a blessing in itself. I was burnt out. At one time in the month I had worked 110 hours in two weeks. That may be minimal for most but for the working class of us that have a "9-5" job that's a TON.
I enjoy where I am employed so I continue to pick shifts up. Including working as a full in receptionist.
What's new the the creative mind of an addicted personality? My friend and in are going glamping next week. I am completely excited and so ready for a new experience I have not been camping since Raccoon apocalypse 2012.  The date was made a few weeks ago and the reservation was set shortly there after. What is glamping? In my definition: camping with  style of glam and luxurious means. How are we glamping? I have made some frilly,burnings made of burlap and I've made curtains for my SUV that we will be sleeping in. We are also bringing the best part of our creative minds with us: our SEWING MACHINES!. Yep, you read that correctly, sewing machines.
We are cutting our projects out at home and bringing the essential sewing accessories. I am so excited and so happy that "this is happening!" No boys, just two girls and there machines.

I will be posting our fun and mishaps on instagrm. Follow me @Sunshinenelliesaidsew and @interfacinganonymous we don't disappoint  :)

Have a great weekend!

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