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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Semi-housewife goes crazy! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I'm now on BlogLovin too!

Deffinition of ME The Semi-Housewife:

- A gal who has lost her full time job with a company of 3 years and is now working VERY part time while figuring out her next big adventure and becoming a dotting wife to her husband..Cooks breakfast nearly daily, bakes cakes and desserts, cooks dinner on a near nightly basis. Cleans the house,does the laundry..that kinda thing... Paints her nails every other day ;-)

I have been off work the past 4 days and going a little stir crazy but,with the help of one of my best gals I was kept company after she got off work. We sat around, drinking wine, sewing and "not" watching movies and gossiping..

My little family and I (my brother,husband and myself..) visited family in Goldendale,Washington on Sunday to Monday evening and relaxed.

It is always a joy to go visit family. They live "far" away - an hours and a little drive. Especially when it is gorgeous! Seems like life gets in the way sometimes and makes it hard to go visit.

I have been baking like a silly sally...Cakes....breads....cookies.....all kinds of goodness! My KitchenAid Mixer has became essential in my abilities in the kitchen (that doesn't sound right huh?)

I love the splash guard...I thought it was silly..until I put that bad boy on full blast and wisked the crap out of the cake batter for this.......


It looks like a huge mess does it not?? I used two 8 inch cake pans to make a two layer. I smeared hot,melty pepperment frosting goodness in the center before sandwhiching it togeather. BUT the bottom cake crumbled  after I released it from the pan..SO i slyly acted as if it never happned..patted,smooshed and put it back together like humpty dumpty. The top cake was just fine. Your supposed to apply the frosting to the cake when the cake is that is where the lava effect came from.
I even got to use my Kromex Cake Pan........ 

The recipe is not mine, It belongs to The Pioneer Woman Ree  and lets just say...its calorie free..guilt free..carb free...sugar free..pretty nasty ;-) (just joshin')
As a side note:::::: I used a WHOLE BAG of york pepperment patties for this cake. 21 candies to be exact and that is what was in the bag..just so happened to be JUST enough for the recipe.

The cast iron skillet Nicholas (husband) and I found at the coast the weekend before my termination at the full time job I no longer feel STRESSED about having (long story) has became my sidekick! I have baked in that bad boy and of course made some pretty freaking fantastic meals!
Banannas Foster another recipe from The Pioneer Woman 
You pour this goodness over ice cream. My fav. brand because it isn't thick and nasty like the "cheap" brands is Tillamook,Vanilla Bean... just so happens to be almost "local" too :)

Random but,its been on our agenda for a little bit...we rearranged out livingroom..this is a mess but, were pretty proud..

 The furry thing in that kennel/crate over straight ahead is my fluffy butt rabbit Gypsee.. one of the loves of my life... shes such a pain in the arse.

I re-upholstered our $10 Ottoman..

Kinda shabby but, it is what it is!
My husband rehomed a PINK recliner!
I made him the Mustache pillow... the back of the pillow is ...............................................................................................................................chevron!

I dyed my hair a red...Because I have natural red tones already..and bright blue eyes..and im

I purchase my hair dye from Sally Beauty Supply's Website  (I
go to the actual brick store) and mix my own.. its cheaper and a MUCH MUCH better quality than already boxed stuff that I have to buy two of every time because my hair is thick and long.
This brand is for dark headed peoples! "Red Hot" was my color choice. I used a 30 Developer.

I finally got MY (My if my husbands reading..he bought them for ME but keeps claiming"They are mine,i'm going to put little plants in them.." ya right!) Vintage Blue Ball Jars ..they shipped them in a HUGE box!
I am a little bit of a collector but,I actually use them compared to some folks that just hoard them :)

Welp, that's what I got today... I hope you all are having a great weekend!

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