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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whew! Today was a lot to consume!

So, amongst many of the blogs that I read..almost day may not be as complicated 1. I have no children 2. I'm young and should be full of energy (right..that's what I hear?) and 3. Other peoples situations are probably busier than mine on a daily basis!
8:00Am- I wake up to my husband (whom looks ever so charming in the AM) says to me "So..are you showering first or am I?" I think he may have bumped me to wake my tooshie up too. I roll my eyes (which im  VERY good at) and say "I donno" and roll over to only be awoken by the bright sunshine beaming into our second story apartment home. I sit up and make my zig-zag stroll to our bathroom in our bedroom. (Our bedroom is fairly large, we have a king sized bed, large chest of drawers, 2 sets of cubes and shelving units and can still fit another king sized bed).
8:15Am- Like a zombie I get out of the shower,grab my towel and go into our bedroom and say "okay, your turn" as my husband is laying in bed,playing on his IPod, watching TV...this has been the usual for my 10 day vacation from work.
8:30Am- I'm in the bathroom doing my hair and makeup.
I get dressed.
I wander out to my studio (aka- once was our dining room that none of us used (Us= brother and husband)
Check my email, blogs,etsy...etc etc
9:00- Husband is calling his mother (my Mother-in law) to see "where the hell are you?" as we have a date today with her, to drive about 45 minutes North to Washington State to Woodland,Washington for the Tulip Fest. "i'm getting into the shower!" she says.
9:30-Leave our apartment home
9:40-were headed to downtown Portland to drop off Breakfast for her undeserving son (my Brother in Law i'd love to beat for just 5 minutes...thats all it takes, hes an educated "boy" with a mouth that needs to eat bleach daily..sorry too much?)
9:50-Back on I-205 North to head towards Washington.
About 10:30 or so we are in Woodland,Washington and are walking threw the tulips-Do not recommend doing while wearing your favorite Toms Canvas shoes..
At about 11:00- we are headed East down Lewis River Road to The Grist Mill. I lived in Woodland for a few years and the surrounding areas from the time I was 5-15 Years of age.

I took this photo from the other side of the roaring creek, maybe river? This Grist Mill is over 100 years old and still working, not for the same functions as it did back in those days but, you can take a small tour etc during open hours.
From The Grist Mill we drove up the road towards Amboy,Washington. Amboy is a small, padoinkie town with a very small population, live stock are the majority. Stopped at the only store in town, which brought back a lot of memories of our father (whom passed away in 2004 from ALS) we had shopped there often, as we lived approx 50 miles from any larger town. Even Woodland at the time had one store. (now has a Wal-Mart)
We drove from Amboy up threw Couger to Mount Saint Helens, or at least on the mountain, once we were up there, we couldn't see I guess i'm going to say we were on it somewhere...
We drove back down at around Noon. Ended up in Woodland at about 1245 or so.
Had Lunch at what use to be my fav. restaurant, The Oak Tree. Which is now a casino also-dissapointing, took that small town greatness to a trashy level. The food is not good as it use to be. But the large cinnamon rolls still are.  
Then home... We got home around 4 PM. So I know my hours are off a little but  whatever.
After Nicholas and I were home for a bit, I had to run to the post office to ship a package and to my fav. craft store......
Home again home again jiggidy jig jig..
................................................................................. so now that its 9Pm...nearly... im pooped... needless to say..ive had a busy day!

I hope your weekend was fantastic too!

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